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Andrew McCarthy Gets It…Almost Fully

09 September 2010 @ 17:05

The thing to be ‘got’ in this case is that there is no such thing as a ‘moderate’ form of Mohammedism, or as he puts it in a column published yesterday: ‘“Moderate Islam” is a dream, not a reality’.

Unlike most of the better known commentators and experts, Mr. McCarthy has come to understand the nature of Islam, that it’s core dogma is antithetical to everything we in The West, and particularly in America, believe in and that it’s leaders are great deceivers [Taqiyya, anyone?]. 

He sees it and it’s leaders without blinders and minus the denial of reality that is an epidemic amongst the Elite:

For the better part of two decades, Americans have been murdered by Islamists and then lectured that they are to blame for what has befallen them. We have been instructed in the need for special sensitivity to the unceasing demands of Islamic culture and falsely accused of intolerance by the people who wrote the book on intolerance. Americans have sacrificed blood and bottomless treasure for Islamic peoples who despise Americans — and despise us even more as our sacrifices and gestures of self-loathing intensify. Americans have watched as apologists for terrorists and sharia were made the face of an American Muslim community that we were simultaneously assured was the very picture of pro-American moderation.

Americans have had our fill. We are willing to live many lies. This one, though, strikes too close to home, arousing our heretofore dormant sense of decency. Americans have now heard Barack Obama’s shtick enough times to know that when he talks about “our values,” he’s really talking about his values, which most of us don’t share. And after ten years of CAIR’s tired tirades, we’re immune to Feisal Rauf, too.

We look around us and we see our country unrivaled by anything in the history of human tolerance. We see thousands of thriving mosques, permitted to operate freely even though we know for a fact that mosques have been used against us, repeatedly, to urge terrorism, recruit terrorists, raise money for terrorists, store and transfer firearms, and inflame Muslims against America and the West. As Islamists rage against us, we see Islam celebrated in official Washington. As we reach out for the umpty-umpth time, we find Muslim leaders taking what we offer, but always with complaint and never with reciprocation. We’re weary, and we don’t really care if that means that Time magazine, Michael Bloomberg, Katie Couric, Fareed Zakaria, and the rest think we’re bad people — they think we’re bad people, anyway.

Dead solid perfect.  I certainly don’t give a damn what The Beautiful People and the Mohammedins think of what I believe, and I know that many of you feel the exact way too.  We’re fed up with the pandering and the appeasement.  We’re worried that the malignant cancer of Islam will invade and destroy the American body.

Please do take the time to click here and read all of Andrew McCarthy’s column [and click on the link at the bottom of it to order his new book The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America].

-The title of this posting makes the claim that, while Mr. McCarthy understands the danger we face more than most people, there’s part of his understanding of Islam, albeit small, that is not as acute.  Here is the paragraph that concerns me [emphasis mine]:

“Moderate Islam” is a dream, not a reality. It is a dream with potential, because there are millions of Muslims who are moderate people, and because there are dedicated Muslims working to transform their faith into something that is institutionally moderate. But they work against great odds. They confront Islamists whose dedication to theocratic principles is deeply and undeniably rooted in Islamic scripture. And they confront American opinion elites who, wittingly or not, serve as the lifeline of the Islamists.

I think he is too optimistic and is clinging to a hope born of the natural sunny disposition bred into all Americans.

I have no doubt that out of the many millions of Muslims in the world there are those who would like to reform Islam and make it a kinder and gentler dogma.  The trouble is: unlike Christianity or Judaism, the beliefs in The Koran cannot be challenged or changed in any way because they are the exact words of Allah and to challenge The Koran is to defy Allah, their god.  That means those who do, become Infidels.  The full, complete reality is that there can be no reform of Islam without the rejection of The Koran.  That causes a bit of a problem, however: if The Koran is rejected, there is no Islam — the ‘religion’ cannot exist without it’s dogma.

  1. Adobe Walls permalink
    09 September 2010 @ 20:53 20:53

    This like many of today’s political, social and economic problems are going to have to get much uglier before any progress can be made. To shed any genuine light on the Islam versus the rest conflict will require much more heat than should be necessary. In other words the more contentious the contentions the better. The Islamic worlds reaction to any slights no matter how insignificant or imaginary remind one of scenes from 19th century Mental institutions in fact a case can be made that Mohammedism has more in common with psychopathy than Judeo-Christianity.
    Know it or not like it not Islam is at war with all who are not Islamic. The Cross of St George or the Crescent Moon, one must fall.

  2. Zoltan Mostanyi permalink
    10 September 2010 @ 01:46 01:46

    The thing they are afraid of, since right from the start of the “Islamic scholar” charade, is text criticism of the Koran. It shows that there is a lacuna of time between Mohammed and what we have as the Koran. This causes the scholars, who largely made up the Koran and called/call it Mohammed/God’s, to make of the Koran and Mohammed idols. Thus the fanaticism we see from them is driven by their idolatry of what is the work of their own hands. All fanaticisms are driven by idolatry (attributing ultimacy to one’s own creation).

    The best work I know of so far in text criticism of the Koran is by Cone and Cook, Hagarism: The Making Of the Islamic World (1977). Both of them are or have been at Princeton, Cone in IAS and Cook at the Middle East Institute. I think she is emeritus now.

    The only other direct work in text criticism of the Koran I know of was intended by an Englishman named Keith Small, as of two years ago, and I don’t know if he got that published. I was told of him by Mark Durie, an Anglican Vicar in Australia and the best theologian on Christianity/Islam comparison I know. He’s a linguist and much besides.

    There is also a “Muslim” German who has done some text criticism and come out unusually, not so friendly for jihadis. Can’t remember his name, maybe Katz, but not sure. Germans (e.g., Reimarus) of course started text criticism of sacred scriptures: Bible, Koran, Vedas, etc. They were the great linguists who discovered that almost all European languages descend from Sanskrit (ninny’s today call it “Indo-European;” it is in fact Sanskrit, the mother tongue of the human race).

    18th and 19th Century German Koran scholarship would be most enlightening! I don’t know how to access it. Text criticism of the Koran shows it man-made and mostly not by Mohammed. It is a pastiche of Jewish law, Christian prophecy, Roman law, Arab tribal customs, and copious amounts of post-Mohammed scholastic invention meant to make the scholars social dictators, as they are today. Revelation — the self-revealing by God of his own mystery to his playmates while remaining mysterious — is a fraction of the Koran, mostly having to do with God’s mercy to one and all, a common Biblical theme.

    This is anti-religion. The essence of religion by any name, after all, is Divine Compassion, which is Beauty.

  3. bobbelvedere permalink*
    10 September 2010 @ 08:28 08:28

    Adobe: If you are willing to expand on your comments, I would be most happy to publish them.

    Zoltan: What about this ‘moon-god’ we hear about as being the inspiration for the Mohammedin ‘Allah’? What a fascinating area of study.

  4. John Doe permalink
    10 September 2010 @ 11:50 11:50

    The proof is in the pudding. When Christians do bad things, it is because they do not take the New Testament Bible literally. When Muslims do bad things, it is because they take the Koran literally.

    Even if I was an atheist, I’d want others to believe in the Bible and to hold the Koran in contempt.

  5. Adobe Walls permalink
    10 September 2010 @ 13:59 13:59

    I’ll get to work on that perhaps I can summon enough writing discipline to expand a prior writing.
    IMAO is in the right side blog roll where frank j writes “What Again Were We Supposed to Learn from 9/11?”
    A good analysis certainly better than any thing I’ll ever write.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      10 September 2010 @ 14:03 14:03

      Adobe: I’m not asking for a treatise – just flesh out the idea in a few more paragraphs [as you well know, concise is better in Le Blogosphere].


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