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Fear And Loathing 2010: With The Northern Lights A Runnin’ Wild

08 September 2010 @ 11:43

Stacy McCain may have physically left Alaska last week, but he’s still reporting on what’s happening up there…

-Lisa ‘The Looza’ Murkowski is still playing games, as Stacy reported yesterday:

After Murkowski’s concession speech last week, I warned that “shenanigans” are still afoot in Alaska, and her top supporters have continued pushing her bid to get the LP slot.

Now, [Eric] Dondero and other sources say that Republican Bill Walker, who mounted an unsuccessful GOP primary challenger to Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell, has made an effort to secure the LP gubernatorial nomination (replacing Billy Toien). Walker had previously been rebuffed by the Alaska Independence Party.

Please click here to read the rest of the report which has been updated a number of times.

-Some have speculated that The Doomed Senator is playing all of these games because she is employing a lifeboat strategy.  Thomas Knapp is one of those and explains it very well:

“Carl’s” hypothesis runs something like this (read it yourself, though — this is my gloss on it):

– If Murkowski runs on a third party ballot line (or possibly even as an independent write-in), the Democrats will likely pick up a Senate seat, current polling that shows her winning on the LP ballot line notwithstanding.

– What she’s looking for is a lifeboat — a nice, lucrative job as a corporate lobbyist, VP of a “defense” contractor firm, something like that that keeps her well-paid and down south.

– The bluff — aimed at the Republican establishment higher-ups who can summon that kind of lifeboat for her with a few words in the right ears — is “hook me up or I hand this seat to the Democrats.”

I think Carl’s hypothesis makes sense.

Stacy disagrees in a posting published early this morning:

To quote Allahpundit, “Hmmmmm.” But I’m invoking Occam’s Razor here and sticking with the simplest explanation: Murkowski is just another D.C. power-junkie addicted to having a bunch of staffers who call her “Senator” as they jump to satisfy her every whim.

“She doesn’t want to give up power, even though she lost,” as Dan Riehl says. That’s your Single Bullet Theory, and any speculation beyond that takes you into Grassy Knoll territory.

I must disagree with him.  I have been involved in political campaigns going back thirty-five years on the state, county, and local level.  Since the age of about ten, politics has been my favorite sport [yeah, yeah, I was a dork, so what of it?].  Methinks, Lisa The Looza wants a sinecure because Stacy is correct that she is a ‘power-junkie addicted to having a bunch of staffers who call her “Senator” as they jump to satisfy her every whim.’ 

Such people, however, have no problem having flunkies who call them ‘Your Honor’ or ‘Madam Secretary’.  If she agreed in her lame duckery to vote with the Dems, they could very well see that she is put on the Federal Bench or appointed to The Cabinet [as I speculated here on 01 September] — after all, it’s a pretty safe bet that the Frigid RINO would gladly carry-out any policies of The White House or would hand down decisions pleasing to the Bolshes. 

I have witnessed this behavior numerous times in my years being associated with politics and politicians.  She feels, I think, that she’s got something valuable to offer.  In the business of politics, everything is a deal, nothing is on the level, no deal is too small, as radio talk show host and columnist Howie Carr puts it.  Whether the Bolshes care or not is another story.

Ironic that I chose this photo to use, eh?

  1. 08 September 2010 @ 18:34 18:34

    “I must disagree with him.”

    And you may be right.

    Still, that boy can write.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      08 September 2010 @ 20:03 20:03

      James: He and Paco sometimes make me want to put down my pen for good.

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