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Si Vis Pacem Is Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em

07 September 2010 @ 20:10

One year ago this very day, a new blog appeared in Le Blogosphere: Si Vis Pacem.  Helmed by the strangely named ‘Ran’ [I originally thought he was Japanese ], I was an early reader because of the wit, wisdom, and culture on display.  I forget when it was that we began communicating with each other, but I consider him now to be one of my closest Friends In The Ether.

Why not head over to SVP and throw a ‘Congrats’ his way and, if you haven’t been a regular reader, now is a good time to start.  For example…

-Yesterday, Ran weighed-in on the Christine O’Donnell / Mike Castle, conservative versus RINO controversy in the Delaware GOP Primary.  As you probably have heard, a number of conservatives think Miss O’Donnell should bot be supported because they believe she doesn’t have a chance to win in the general election.  These folks have been hurling some rather nasty allegations against her while making their arguments for supporting Rep. Castle.  A highlight from Ran’s commentary:

I’ll add this thought: The value of Christine O’Donnell for the Senate is twofold. Firstly, it is a libertarian-conservative challenge to the squishies in the GOP and a morale boost to voters tired of the GOP’s Quigley contingent.

Indeed, it is.  Please do take the time to click here and read the rest of his spot-on thoughts.

-In a posting today, Ran looks at the whole George W. Bush: Miss Me Yet meme that’s flying through The Rightosphere.  A highlight:

Miss W.?

Me neither. Republicanism as a Brand suffered greatly under Nixon and Ford. Bush Sr. proved to be the first RINO of this generation – exactly as Reagan had feared, and his son was a Constitutional nightmare. Thanks to the glorious competence of his political “architect” (better: arch-RINO) and to the liberal-progressive leadership of the Party, many of us in the Republican Party stopped donating entirely to national Republican campaign requests. The Quiglification of the Republican Party was complete.

Despite a few bones tossed to the libertarian-conservative base during W’s tenancy, dissatisfaction grew as the economy soured under increasing regulation and government spending. Caving to Henry Paulson and the Fed in October of ’08 during the patently incredible “financial crisis” – and the incompetent apology “I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system” drove a lot of Republicans away from the Party into the wilderness. The Republican Party’s abandonment of it’s principles gave rise to The Tea Party grass-fire that has spread and continues to grow both politically broader and ideologically deeper.

I’m still picking the twigs out of my clothes.

-One final point: in the Rule 5 World it is hard to pick out a niche for yourself in what you feature that is unique.  Well, Ran had the brains to find one that no one else had thought of and he’s made it his own [Retro Rule Five].  In the process, he classed-up The Rule 5 Rightosphere.

  1. 07 September 2010 @ 20:48 20:48

    Honored. Humbled a bit. Thanks muchly, Bob… I’d have gotten no-where without attention from TCOTS and The Other McCain.

    I feel a bit like Tom Hank’s captain in Band of Brothers, near the end… using my 1911 against the Statist Panzer.

    Much luck and many hits here at TCOTS – I’ve learned a lot here and had fun with it. Cheers!

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      07 September 2010 @ 21:16 21:16

      Ran: Back at you. However, sometimes I feel like Robert Shaw’s Colonel Hessler in The Battle Of The Bulge [‘The Fuhrer himself will decorate me!’] – does this mean there’s something wrong with me?

  2. 08 September 2010 @ 12:51 12:51

    WOW! Quite the spike in traffic – and most of it from your website. I owes you, buddy.

    I’ll be getting together with Maj. Givler later this Autumn. Let’s make it a blog fest, and I’ll buy the Scotch. (Yep – Scotch is totally kosher.)

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