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Now I Wanna Be Your Dog [Updated Below]

07 September 2010 @ 14:40

In a Labor Day speech yesterday, Comrade Obamnin said the following, as reported by CNN [tip of the fedora to The Daily Caller]:

“Some powerful interests who had been dominating the agenda in Washington for a very long time and they’re not always happy with me. They talk about me like a dog. That’s not in my prepared remarks, but it’s true,” he told a crowd largely consisting of union members.

First off: Why did our Fearless Leader feel the need to insult the dogs of America?

Next: I would say the vast, vast, vast majority of those of us on the Right have never, ever, ever, ever talked about Barry like he was a dog.  Nor have we ever talked about him as if he were a cat….no, no, no.

I personally have always thought of him as a slimy, oily weasel or as pond scum or as a blood-sucking parasitic leech, but never like a dog or a cat.

A dog is man’s best friend and Barry is no one’s friend, especially not a pal to patriotic, God-fearing Americans.

A cat is a creature of intelligence and independence and Barry is an ignoble ignoramus and a non-questioning, blind follower of Marxism.

Master Barry: If we talked about you like a dog, it would mean we like you and, you see, we don’t.

[Jeez, the man can’t even get his comparisons right — like the droogie he is, he should really just stick to only speaking what the teleprompter tells him to.]

UPDATE at 1719…

I can’t resist:

UPDATE at 2133…

Over at The Other McCain, Smitty, by his comments, shows that he believes in the Law Of Unintended Consequences [superb post title he came up with, by the way]:

It seems the rhetorical device is to throw out some fuzzy capitalistic bait, and then segue to a sympathy play about how much ‘they’ pick on him. As you read more about how utterly calculated all of this is, you begin to see where this Presidency will, indeed, unite the country.

You’ll have to click the link to see what he means.

  1. Sean Sculley permalink
    07 September 2010 @ 14:59 14:59

    Nice and neat distinctions made here!
    The Dogs of and loyal to America, including the loyal two legged ones are, permit me to assure you, grateful.

  2. 07 September 2010 @ 15:17 15:17

    Hey, be fair…

    Obama is NOT a Dog!

  3. 07 September 2010 @ 15:29 15:29

    It is amazing the continual plea for sympathy, usually just after attempting to spend another 250 billion on the backs of whoever is going to have to cover the increased fuel and gas costs, and the claim is made from fifteen yards off the fairway of the 10th hole, just after making the turn.

    “I personally have always thought of him as a slimy, oily weasel or as pond scum”

    Very nice.

  4. 07 September 2010 @ 16:13 16:13

    Spot on!!!


    “They talk about me like a dog. That’s not in my prepared remarks, but it’s true,”

    Of course it wasn’t in his prepared remarks because it actually doesn’t make a bit of grammatical sense. When he speaks off the prompter he never makes sense.

  5. bobbelvedere permalink*
    07 September 2010 @ 17:17 17:17

    Sean: Thanks, dawg.

    Richard: In one way he is like a dog: we’ll be spending years picking up his crap after him. I understand why he identifies with one, after all, dog is God spelled backwards.

    Jame: Thanks. He’s out Whiner-In-Chief.

    Adrienne: Thank you. I was going to comment on the grammer, but I didn’t feel confident enough as I attended public schools in the 1970’s – IYKWIMAITYD.

  6. 08 September 2010 @ 11:25 11:25

    Joan Jett said it best

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      08 September 2010 @ 14:41 14:41

      Richard: While I do like her version a lot, sorry, The Stooges and Iggy Pop rule this party.

  7. 09 September 2010 @ 11:01 11:01

    Love the Iggy Pop reference. Three out of five woots from me.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      09 September 2010 @ 13:17 13:17

      Red: Thanks, Red and good luck with the move.

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