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Oh, Deer [Updated Below]

06 September 2010 @ 15:51

Stacy McCain was in a car accident last night.  He’s okay — just a bit shook-up.

However, his car [that he just spent $700 repairing] is totalled.

He hit a deer.

Why not head over to his place and send him a line of encouragement to buck-up [pun intended] his spirits.

According to my sources [or is it ‘souses’?], the deer was employed by a non-profit 666E organization that is secretly controlled by The White House [what one isn’t these days?].  The group, known as BIG CREEP [Barack Is God — Committee to RE-Elect the Princeident], has been training various animals to perform suicide attacks against prominent members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.  It seems Stacy was chosen as the first victim.  Mrs. Belvedere and I have been under relentless squirrel attacks this summer.  And, as I understand it, Sarah Palin is being stalked by wild boars [or is that ‘bores’?].

To all of my Friends In The Ether: Keep your eyes out for crazed animals around you — that beaver you think is so cute hanging around your yard may just be a demented beaver that has been fed rabies hidden in Keith Oberwoman’s saliva [or it could just be Rachel Madcow].

An ingognito Stacy McCain attempts to evade
the attentions of a deranged llama.

UPDATE at 1705…

-Dan Collins offers soothing words [and music] of encouragement to Stacy:

Someday, we’ll look back on all this and laugh and laugh and laugh . . . about Frum

-This just in from my souses sources: police are now saying that the deer has been identified as Murray John Deare of Wankersville, Deleware and that his birth certificate is missing from Town Hall.  Hmmm….

UPDATE at 2019…

-Stacy has posted a picture of the damage done to his car and he launches on a rant that, considering what my sources have told me and I wrote about above, make me think he hit his head and is suffering from a bad concussion:

This was not an accident. This was a premeditated suicide attack on my 2004 KIA Optima. The Islamicists hate us for our freedom. The deer hate us for our Korean sedans.

The Obamaites want you to think it was the Islamicists who did it, Stacy — remember your Alinksy…and seek immediate medical attention.

  1. 06 September 2010 @ 15:52 15:52

    If there ever at time to make lemonade out of lemon, RSM now has a fridge full of deer meat..

  2. 06 September 2010 @ 19:04 19:04

    Man , that sucks!

  3. Adobe Walls permalink
    06 September 2010 @ 22:14 22:14

    Ran had the funniest and perhaps the most useful comment.

  4. Adobe Walls permalink
    06 September 2010 @ 22:19 22:19

    Oops needed a link for the above mentioned thread.

  5. 07 September 2010 @ 11:21 11:21

    Well, it wasn’t a cow, so at least we know MOOVE ON wasn’t involved…

  6. bobbelvedere permalink*
    07 September 2010 @ 11:25 11:25

    Adobe: Ran’s line is the best of the bunch.


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