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Fear And Loathing 2010: Just A Little Southeast Of Nome [Updated Below]

03 September 2010 @ 12:05

DATELINE WASILLA: It pays to have friends and to be a good guy, as THE Gonzo Reporter of The Rightosphere Stacy McCain knows:

Todd opens the front door and his youngest son, two-year-old Trig, scampers across the living room to greet the guest with a “high five.” Rambunctiously energetic, Trig is the focus of his father’s attention — Todd bounces the toddler on his knee, reads him a book, and fixes him a bottle — for the next several minutes until 16-year-old Willow comes downstairs, scoops him up and carries him upstairs for sisterly babysitting.

Getting an interview with Sarah Palin is difficult. Getting an interview with Todd is next to impossible, and I would never have gotten this far if mutual friends — including Anchorage conservative talk-radio legend Eddie Burke — hadn’t vouched for my bona fides. So most of the conversation over the next two hours is off-the-record, or at least on background. To breach that agreement would be to put myself into that category of reporters whom Sarah Palin recently described to Sean Hannity as “impotent, limp and gutless.”

Stacy has filed a very informative report over at The American Spectator of his time in the Palin compound.  Over at his own site, he’s posted some pictures, as well as some updates.

Bravo, Stacy!

Gonzo’s Git ‘R’ Done.

UPDATE at 1403…

The Memeorandum thread is here.

-The Reviews Are In…

‘How freaking cool is this?’
—Red, Caught Him With A Corndog

‘What a spectacular reporter…Stacy’s exclusive makes other reporters seem limp by comparison.’
[Bob here: In more ways than one, Pete, IYKWIMAITYD]

‘It’s First Dude, Man!’
—Ran, Si Vis Pacem

‘While legacy media PDS sufferers were obsessing over the “sad and moldering strangeness” beneath the “skin of Sarah Palin’s life,” the gumshoe reporter known among peers as the “conservative Hunter S. Thompson for today” was doing what real reporters do. Throwing caution to the wind earlier in the week, McCain had bought a one-way ticket to Anchorage to cover the Murkowski Follies for his blog, for an American Spectator article and — not least — for truth, justice and the American way. Yesterday he struck gold….’
—Sissy Willis, Liberty Pundits

‘I knew you would find a way to meet the Palins, Good work Stac! (you are My V-8!!) lol’
—Mrs. Other McCain, candidate for Sainthood

UPDATE at 1635…

Stacy has just filed another report from Wasilla where he pauses from on-the-scene reporting to give us a lesson in How To Write An Anti-Palin Hit Piece.  A highlight:

…“The Real, Hidden Scary TRUTH About Sarah Palin” is a color-by-numbers exercise that has been done to death by now. Every liberal journalist on the planet either already has a deal for that kind of book or is trying to hustle a deal for that kind of book, sort of the way 2006-07 was the era of right-wingers hustling The Great Anti-Hillary Book.

He’s about to make the mad dash from Wasilla to Anchorage in order to catch a flight home [well after Earl has passed Maryland…hmmm], but he leaves us with a song that I think makes the perfect theme song for the Fear And Loathing 2010 Tour


  1. 03 September 2010 @ 19:56 19:56

    Hey thanks for including ye ol’ Corndog 😉

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      03 September 2010 @ 20:31 20:31

      Red: How could I resist that line – it captured the right emotion. Five of Five Possible WOOTS! for that one.


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