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Rule 5 News: 02 September 2010 A.D.

02 September 2010 @ 21:02

[The Committee welcomes your suggestions; just e-mail us]


Christina Hendricks…

Brooke Burke…

Crystal Renn…

Jessica Alba…

Lea Michele…

We interrupt Rule 5 News to bring you an Anti-Rule 5 Bulletin…
Meg Ryan…

We now resume our regular Rule 5 programming…

For Stacy McCain who has done such a great job this week
reporting from Alaska:


Julia Ormond…

Natalie Imbruglia…

Priscilla Hashimoto…

Britney Spears…

Julia Benson…

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  1. 02 September 2010 @ 21:09 21:09

    I vote for Priscilla or Natalie

  2. 02 September 2010 @ 21:29 21:29

    Gotta tell you Bob…I believe Britney classifies as an anti-rule 5, also. And Meg Ryan used to be oh so hot back before she got …well…botoxificated. (That’s a new word I invented)

    Kudos on the others. 😉


    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      02 September 2010 @ 23:18 23:18

      Kid: Natalie is quite impressive, but Miss Benson and Miss Hendricks are more my cup of tea.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      02 September 2010 @ 23:19 23:19

      Mike: I think Miss Spears looks pretty good in this picture – too bad about her brain, though.

  3. 03 September 2010 @ 00:22 00:22

    Meg Ryan in full frump was comedic genius. Sure, anyone can put up pictures of babes in bikinis, but it takes a touch of artistry to generate a belly laugh like that. And yes, we all remember that Meg Ryan was cute. Heck, even Bob was cute at some point. We’re all past that now. Dumping Dennis Quaid for a mid flick fling with Maximus? Well, we don’t know the back story, but I’m kinda pro-marriage. Plus, how many times do we have to hear her fake an orgasm in a restaurant. Thus, in my book she totally qualifies for a Rule Five gaffe-aroo.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      03 September 2010 @ 12:23 12:23

      James: Mrs. Belvedere still ‘think’s I’m cuuute!’ like Rudolph.

  4. Roxeanne de Luca permalink
    03 September 2010 @ 01:29 01:29

    Meg Ryan can be cute, but no woman should ever wear those Tevas (which is what I think she has on her feet). Just. Don’t. (If you are a butch lesbian, disregard this advice. If you aren’t a militant butch lesbian, find something else that is comfortable to put on your feet – like cushioned ballet flats.)

    Also, brunettes who dye blonde have to be very, very diligent about maintenance. Brown roots on bright hair is just gross.

    And Meg – if that’s really her – looks like she needs a meal.

    Natalie has lovely legs, by the way.

    (This concludes your female take on Rule 5.)

  5. bobbelvedere permalink*
    03 September 2010 @ 12:30 12:30

    Roxeanne: Miss Imbruglia does, indeed, have nice legs, but I think Miss Spears’s are better [I can’t believe I’m defending her again!].

    As to brown roots and blond dye-jobs: some women can pull it off, but it’s tricky.

  6. M. Thompson permalink
    04 September 2010 @ 17:12 17:12

    Awards shows make good Rule 5 fodder, don’t they?

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      06 September 2010 @ 14:20 14:20

      MT: Indeed.


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