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Below That Old White Mountain: It’s Miller Time!

01 September 2010 @ 08:40

-Alaskan Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski has conceded in the close primary election to Joe Miller after a day of the counting of the absentee and questionable ballots [the Memeorandum thread is here].  Apparently, she was finally able to emerge from the murk that had surrounded her thinking over the past several days and see that the writing was on the wall next to the moosehead.  Perhaps she had just been waiting for word that the appointment to head the Department Of High Hackery & Nepotism was a given in exchange for voting with the Bolshes during the months of her lame duckery.  Perhaps a federal judgeship awaits.  Who knows?

What we do know is that the best candidate won — a TEA Partier and former soldier.

-Stacy McCain live-blogged the events yesterday afternoon and last evening.

This morning he filed a report of it all over at The American Spectator.  A highlight:

…Tuesday evening, after Murkowski had called it quits, Miller campaign manager Robert Campbell recalled how he first met the candidate at a fundraising event.

“I asked him, what do you see as your first responsibility as a senator?” Campbell said. “And [Miller] said, to determine if any of the bills in front of me are constitutional.”

It was that sort of plain-spoken conservatism that persuaded Campbell to join the campaign — he’d never held such a position before — and inspired scores of volunteers who served as the foot soldiers of Miller’s victorious army….

Hear that train a-comin’….

-Steve Burri, proprietor of Grandpa John’s and not The Evil Burri: Lancelot Link [who, it seems, is obsessed with cereal serial killers these days], took the same picture I used above and has created an inspired version of it.  Do head on over to his joint to check it out.

  1. 01 September 2010 @ 11:24 11:24

    “…determine if any of the bills in front of me are constitutional…”

    Now THAT’s a mission statement!

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      01 September 2010 @ 14:10 14:10

      Steven: We’ll have to make sure he follows it.


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