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27 August 2010 @ 10:21

Over at AmSpecBlog yesterday, Quin Hillyer published a post that is a must read for all of us who are working for victory in this November’s elections.

The piece is not a morale booster, a ‘Let’s Rally ‘Round The Flag, Boys!’ type of morale booster.  Instead, it lays out the unhappy truths about how truly uphill out battle will be [hint: it will be much worse than we think].

We’re not just simply facing the difficult task of convincing voters in each Congressional District to take a chance on our candidates — while hard, there is much in our favor as the stars are aligning for us.

No, our task will be much much more daunting because of the corruptions that we can expect to be perpetrated by the Left, who believe that their ends should be achieved by any means necessary.

From Quin:

…The thoroughly corrupt voting section of the thoroughly corrupt Obama-Holder Justice Department. I think Republican candidates will need to outperform Democrats among real, live voters by at least half a percentage point, and probably three-fourths of a point, in every single race in the country if they want to actually be allowed to take their seats. Otherwise, the dead voters, pets registered as voters, and phantom voters (such as those who figure out who hasn’t voted yet and pretend to be those people, especially for military stationed abroad whose votes haven’t been ensured) will throw close races to the Dems. Look for tons of trumped up “voter intimidation” charges against conservatives, while lefties get away with blatant, actual intimidation (as in the Black Panther case). Look for widespread obstruction of efforts by GOP poll watchers to ensure that no vote fraud occurs — i.e., look for vote fraud that actually is being spotted to STILL be allowed. Look for military votes not to be counted. Look for spurious challenges to right-leaning votes….

He then recalls for us of some of the corruptions Eric X and his Nation Of Justice have committed in the past twenty months.

The Left is going to try to overwhelm us with hundreds of little skirmishes all across the country in an effort to make us disperse our forces so thin we fatally weaken all of our efforts.  They will throw so much excrement against the electoral wall that some of it will stick.

And it’s not just enemies without we have to concern ourselves with fighting [emphasis mine]:

If I remember correctly, the GOP sweep in 1994 included victories in a whole slew of notably close races. What I’m saying is that almost all the close races will be credited as Dem victories this time, even if only by both hook and definitely crook. Combine that with the GOP’s pathetic get-out-the-vote organization this year (especially when compared to what they had in 2004); and with the extreme bias-bordering-on-outright-corruption of an establishment media that will aid and abet every cheap-shot attempt to slime conservative candidates and make them unattractive to “moderates” and “independents” — plus the fact that so many conservative candidates this time are political neophytes and thus more apt to make deadly political miscues — and what you have in massive combination of all these things is a huge counterweight to the otherwise overwhelming conservative, anti-establishment, anti-Washington, anti-Obama trend sweeping the country.

The GOP Establishment is a huge part of the problem.  Quin again:

…What it boils down to is that all three major party committees on the Republican side have substantially underperformed. They haven’t raised enough money. They have spent way too much money. They have wasted money picking fights in primaries rather than saving it for the general election. And of course they have paid for the care, feeding, preening and pampering of Michael Steele.

These Committee’s have put their hooves in their mouths so many times that they have contracted a fatal case of Hoof-In-Mouth Disease.  They are actually working against the interests of those of us who are waging war to restore our freedoms and liberties.  Well…what do you expect: they are rightly nicknamed The Stupid Party, after all.

Stacy McCain has been hammering home for quite sometime the point that the GOP Establishment is worse than useless [his most recent efforts may be found here, here, and here].  As he wrote recently in a must-read analysis:

…It was during the Bush years, with Karl Rove as deputy chief of staff and Mehlman as director of OPA (and later as RNC chairman), that the Republican Party began operating in a top-down fashion, with the smart guys in Washington calling all the shots, playing favorites in contested primaries and otherwise meddling in affairs that are properly the business of state parties and the GOP rank-and-file.

When you see debacles like John Cornyn’s NRSC trying to pick the Florida GOP’s Senate nominee 15 months ahead of the primary, you are witnessing a continuation of the Rove-Mehlman Method. When you see all the GOP Establishment types lining up behind a loser like Dede Scozzafava, Sue Lowden or Jane Norton, that’s the Rove-Mehlman Method in action.

While that kind of politics may work — or, at least, appear to work — when Republicans hold the White House and Congress and the Democrats are in disarray (as was true 2002-2005), it is ultimately a formula for failure because it is undemocratic.

Instead of power flowing up from the grassroots and being exercised in proxy by duly-elected officials, the Rove-Mehlman Method involves power being arrogated by the insiders and political professionals — the staffers, the operatives, the consultants — so that the grassroots are squeezed out of the action.

Top-down political organizations tend to destroy grassroots enthusiasm, driving away volunteers and chilling voter enthusiasm, because Ordinary Americans aren’t stupid….

But, Lord knows, they sure as Hell think we are [recall the words of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell a few weeks ago when he was asked if the TEA Party movement was raaaaacist].


There is one flicker of the flame of hope still visible in these dark days before the Election: it is to be found in things like the Ten Buck Friday initiative, where we are doing a General MacArthur and hopping over the Establishment islands, supporting the candidates on our own with no middleman.  Based on Quin’s dead solid perfect assessment, initiatives like this become all the more important.

And he hits the bullseye dead center when he prophesizes that this ‘will be a close-run thing’.

NOTE to QUIN: I hope you don’t mind that I quoted so extensively from your posting.

  1. 27 August 2010 @ 11:24 11:24

    This is an outstanding post Bob, and everybody needs to read it

    I think we need to get some of those Wolverines letter jackets made… might as well do it right, I’m already armed to the teeth, lol

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 August 2010 @ 16:04 16:04

      RR: Thank you. I agree that everyone should read Quin’s and Stacy’s postings.

      I’m thinking of having some Wolverine bumper stickers made up based on the graphic I use.

  2. 27 August 2010 @ 15:08 15:08

    It isn’t ‘just’ the lamestreamers & Dummocrats who don’t ‘get it. Many, many, many Republicans are clueless – or conveniently blind and deaf – as to our purpose. The elite of all stripes forget that it ain’t the elites who built the Nation, it’s Average Joe and Josephine, doing exceptional work at ordinary Life. It is going to be a long, difficult battle, with this November as a very important but small step. Victory at the ballot box in November doesn’t mean Victory all by itself. The Left is entrenched in so many facets of everyday life, from those who sit on the bench to those who occupy the cubicles at the DMV and public schools. Removing the corruption and rot of socialism will be the finest work of our generation.

    I can’t afford a letter jacket, but I could scrimp on groceries for a couple weeks & skip a haircut & come up with enough for an inexpensive t-shirt.

    Great post, Bob, thank you!


    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 August 2010 @ 16:07 16:07

      KC: See my reply to RR above – maybe t-shirts too.

      You are so right in your other comments – November is just The Battle Of Midway [or perhaps just merely Doolittle’s Raid], is the way I like to put it.

  3. John Doe permalink
    27 August 2010 @ 17:13 17:13

    We went from a system where the states selected their own representatives through their state legislators to a system where the federal representatives choose them for the states. Once the Republican Establishment finds a pig that plays ball with them at the trough, they keep working their fannies off to get that pig re-elected, and so on. It is a self-supporting perpetual system.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 August 2010 @ 17:28 17:28

      John: I gather that you agree with me that there’s a certain Amendment to The Constitution that should be repealed?

  4. 27 August 2010 @ 18:18 18:18

    I’ll take a 100 of those stickers if you get them made. Lastly, abandon hope….the elections will do nothing for us or our posterity. Other solutions are required though generally I would say “act locally” and abandon any effort at the federal level.


    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 August 2010 @ 19:25 19:25

      Virgil: I will let you know.

  5. John Doe permalink
    27 August 2010 @ 20:15 20:15

    Nope, Bob, there are TWO! The (I’m drinkin) Amendment that allows the voting for federal Senators and Congressmen, but also the Amendment that allows for federal income taxes. Starve the beast. Let the states give money to the feds, not the other way around. 😉

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 August 2010 @ 20:38 20:38

      John: I see your two and raise you the 19th.


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