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Primary Day [or It’s Hard Being Stacy McCain]

24 August 2010 @ 17:05

There are important primaries today in Vermont, Florida, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Alaska and, per usual, the best place to get simple, direct, no BS coverage of the results will be at The Other McCain.  Stacy will provide periodic updates throughout the evening and into the wee small hours of, along with pithy running analysis and commentary that won’t bore you to death like Juan Williams droning with Nina Easton do with the regularity of a well-managed bowel.

But, don’t get the idea that this is an easy task for the Right’s favorite gonzo reporter — Heavens to Betsy, no! [whoever Betsy is].  You see, Stace is a free-lance reporter who also has to maintain a blog for which he depends on the kind donations of frequently tapped friends and appreciative strangers.  The man has six home-schooled children and, being a conservative, he believes he actually should pay his own bills [‘The horror!’, says Bwaney Fwank].  In other words, his is an already busy life; he doesn’t need it to get any more hectic.  Therefore, he didn’t need what happened this morning.

When you write for a living, the telephone is a dangerous friend and often an enemy. Yes, the telephone is a useful means of communication, but time spent on the phone is time not spent writing. We’re in a political season, politics is my beat, and everybody who wants to talk politics has my phone number. It’s gotten so that every time my phone rings nowadays, I erupt in a Tourette’s Syndrome outburst of words that would violate the Ricochet Code of Conduct.

Today is primary day in Florida, Arizona, Alaska, Oklahoma and Vermont. From years of newsroom experience, I always sleep late on Election Day, because I know I’ll be up past midnight reporting the results, especially with western states like Arizona and Alaska. However, as soon as I woke up this morning about 10:30 and sat down at my computer, the phone rang.

Curses, epithets and obscenities.

It’s my buddy, informing me that a nasty feud….

Please click here to read the whole thing which was posted on Ricochet, where he is appearing as a guest contributor this week [while you’re there, check out the other authors, most especially the great Rob Long].

Back over at TOM, in a related posting, Stacy daydreams:

If any generous benefactor ever wishes to endow the R.S. McCain School of Journalism, students who report on the first day will be handed a pack of Marlboros and directed to start brewing strong coffee. They’ll have until six o’clock to file 700 words of news and finish that pack of smokes, with nothing to drink but coffee. Lunch will be purchased from a vending machine and eaten at their desks. All instructions to freshmen will be delivered in a manner somewhat like Gunnery Sergeant Hartman addressing Marine recruits in Full Metal Jacket….

The man needs some help — it’s hard being Robert Stacy McCain — so please, if you have a blog, link him and, if you enjoy his wit and wisdom, hit his damn tip jarDon’t Let Good Shoe Leather Go To Waste.

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