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Stacy McCain: The Naked Truth

22 August 2010 @ 23:03

Two items have come to my attention that reveal more about the man called Stacy McCain…

1) Ladd Ehlinger, Jr. is an independent filmmaker of considerable talent.  He is also producing the most interesting political ads of this election season.  Behind the facade of his enormous talent, however, lies a man who obviously is troubled and, therefore, on some serious medications, and this evening [Smitty has the details here], it seems, he is off his meds and is talking [or should I say ‘Tweeting’] ragtime. 

2) Lancelot Link Burri has uncovered a photograph of Stacy McCain in his early years that explains an awful lot:

There are a million stories in The Naked City….

  1. 23 August 2010 @ 22:23 22:23

    I have a car that only turns left. LEFT.

  2. bobbelvedere permalink*
    23 August 2010 @ 23:36 23:36

    Lancelot: That’s not right.


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