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The Fisking Of The Shrew

21 August 2010 @ 17:39

In yesterday’s New York Post, Jennifer Fermino filed on a report on the interview Beautiful Person Sally Quinn conducted with Daisy Khan, wife of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and co-developer of the proposed Grand Jihad Victory Mosque in the Ground Zero area.  She is defiant and devious and deserves The Belvedere Treatment which involves a verbal whack on the side of her head with my trusty linguistic 2×4.  I shall quote from the report and respond…

“There is too much at stake, constitutional rights, the development of the Muslims here, how the world is watching the United States. We tell people America upholds religious freedom. We should not compromise those values,” [Kahn] said in an interview with The Washington Post.

Does Islam uphold religious freedom where ever it has control of the government?  Does Islam ever compromise it’s values except when Muslims are hiding in plain sight and mixing-in with the locals by patronizing strip clubs?

“We have too important a moment to back down. We have to take our opponents and transform them. We have to convince people that not all Muslims are extremists,” she said.

And how exactly will you ‘transform’ us?  By some variation of Dhimmitude, perhaps?  Also, you should know that a large number of us have had our fill with the transforming that has been perpetrated by the Anti-President [sit vacuus dedecus] and his apparatchiks.

As to convincing ‘people that not all Muslims are extremists’: well…the ‘Moderate Muslims’, if they do, indeed, exist, could make a nice start by denouncing Hamas — how about that?….[chirping crickets]…naw, didn’t think so [and even if you ‘Moderates’ did, how could we believe you considering you are commanded to practice Taqiyya — ‘…a word the root meaning of which is “to remain faithful” but which in effect means “dissimulation.” It has full Quranic authority (3:28 and 16:106) and allows the Muslim to conform outwardly to the requirements of unislamic or non-Islamic government, while inwardly “remaining faithful” to whatever he conceives to be proper Islam, while waiting for the tide to turn’].

“We have to educate them on being able to distinguish between us and on the issue of Islamophobia.”

[I just love how the Leftists and Mohammedins enjoy attaching the suffix -phobia to words describing something they are in favor of.]

I think I speak for a lot of people when I state: I do not fear Islam.  I despise it, disdain it, scorn it, because of almost everything it preaches.  It is anti-freedom, anti-liberty.  The name itself means ‘submission’ and it demands the subjugation of all, allowing for no dissent.

Instead of creating enemies, she said, she hopes this controversy will help people better understand Islam.

“We are debating about having a healing dialogue, building bridges, and this whole thing has turned into the opposite of what we have envisioned,” she said.

Khan said she is completely taken aback by the opposition.

She expressed surprise that “a community center for everyone in the neighborhood, to scale up and build up people of all religions, has become so skewed.”

If her astonishment is actually real [and I doubt that, given the low-cunning that is a prerequisite in order to be a useful Muslim], then I can only conclude that she suffers from some mental disease or brain damage if she could not in any way conceive [which is the definition of being taken aback means] that this mosque’s location would be controversial.  Is Khan taqiyyaing her arse off here, perhaps?

By the way: methinks many of us understand you Mohammedins all too well these days.

The clamor around the mosque has become so deafening, she said, she’s afraid to turn on the TV.

“It’s hard to see yourself portrayed this way daily. But to me, it’s an indication that the post-9/11 controversy is not finished. It’s not over and neither is the healing. This is a teaching moment. A healing moment,” she said.

Is she cowering in her closet, reading The Koran by flashlight, waiting for the masses of the unenlightened to break down her door and defile her?…oh wait…that’s what Muslims do to Infidels…sorry.

The ‘post-9/11 controversy’, as you call it, is actually not a controversy at all: Islam is at war with The West and has been so since Mohammed devised his elaborate con-job a millennium ago.  In the last thirty years, what had been a twilight war for some time, went hot and became an inferno on 11 September 2001.  There is no healing possible because this is, as you are well aware and believe Mohammedin Khan, a fight to the death.

However, I must agree with you on one thing: this is indeed ‘a teachable moment’.  I have been learning an awful lot.  I now have a much better idea of just exactly who are those people who are to never to be trusted with preserving, protecting, and defending The United States ever again.  I owe you all that.

The uproar over the mosque, said Khan, shows that “there is still healing that needs to happen. There are bigger issues here and it’s also about how Muslims are perceived. When will Muslims be accepted as plain old Americans?”

Ah…as soon as they reject all of the teachings of Islam, we will gladly welcome them into The Camp Of The Saints.  As soon as they denounce and reject Jihad [violent and stealth], the belief that all Infidels must be either murdered or enslaved, the belief that men are more equal under the law — these are the key conditions to being accepted as Americans.  You all have Free Will [a Jewish and Christian concept and the basis for all of Western Civilization].

“This is a bigger fight. This is a defining moment for us.”

As a rather wise housewife would put it: You betcha!  It is a defining moment for The West as well: will we resist the force [Islam] that seeks to destroy everything we hold dear?


  1. Adobe Walls permalink
    21 August 2010 @ 22:22 22:22

    “This is a bigger fight. This is a defining moment for us.” She is correct on that score. I believe Islam is becoming better defined for more Americans everyday. Daisy Khan should be encouraged to comment on other controversies, Pearl Harbor perhaps. To think all this time we viewed 9/11 and Pearl Harbor as cowardly sneak attacks and they were merely controversies. As for “Moderate Muslims” a Yeti like creature in that much is heard about but them and almost nothing from them. If they are as prevalent in this country and the Islamic world as the left would like us to think NOW would be a good time for them to start speaking up. I’m not looking for a few apostates on TV with a book to sell, as courageous as many of them are for speaking out. For me to believe that the average citizen of predominantly Muslim nations are against violent and subversive jihad I require some hard evidence. As far as I’m concerned the scenes of Palestinian joy recorded on 9/11 say it all.
    The Cross of St George or the Crescent Moon.

  2. 21 August 2010 @ 23:52 23:52

    A very comprehensive piece, Bob. Since I have no fedora, I can only offer the tip of my Steelers cap.

    -“This is a bigger fight. This is a defining moment for us.”

    That is the loaded statement, isn’t it? Might that represent the first major win in the conquest by infiltration?

  3. Mrs. Kissell permalink
    22 August 2010 @ 13:46 13:46

    There is auspicious invention of linguistic weaponry in this essay. For example:

    “Grand Jihad Victory Mosque”

    “Methinks many of us understand you Mohammedins all too well these day.”

    “There is no healing possible because this is … a fight to the death.”

    One demur: “… we resist the force [Islam] ….” might better be “… we resist the force [Mohammedinism] ….”

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      22 August 2010 @ 17:37 17:37

      Mrs. K.: Thank you. As for your demur: you’ll have to forgove me as I am still weaning myself off the old terms.

  4. 22 August 2010 @ 14:00 14:00

    Wow, well said Bob. I am tired of the muslims twisting around everything.
    Their “religion” is based on lies and it’s horrible. They are spitting on the graves of all those who they murdered. This mosque MUST NOT happen.
    What about the 5 or 6 empty floors that are not labeled in the floor plans.
    Jihad terror training camps, no doubt.

    I’m sick of bending over backwards to be all PC for them!
    What about us! This must be stopped or it will get as bad as it is in England.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      22 August 2010 @ 17:39 17:39

      Bunni: Thank you for the kind words. I agree with you all the way. It seems to me that some of us Americans should be planning a special ops raid into Britain to rescue such things as the Magna Carta when they become threated with destruction in the future.

  5. 22 August 2010 @ 14:42 14:42

    Muslims must deal with the fact that we’ve finally got them figured out. Funny how the conversation has changed to talk about the community center that we will all be so welcomed into. The idea of the prayer room on the 15th floor overlooking the Trade Tower site is no longer alluded to. Paul Rey, a blogger in Britain known as Lionheart, lays out carefully how the first thing Islam does when they begin the conquest of a people, is to begin building mosques (and I’ll add, birthing babies). This one in NYC will be a victory offering to Mohammed – no matter where in Manhattan they build it. BTW, have you seen the video of Mosab talking about this?

    You’ve summed up the whole truth here, Bob:

    “There is no healing possible because this is, as you are well aware and believe Mohammedin Khan, a fight to the death.”

    A righteous rant. I hope you feel somewhat purged:-)

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      22 August 2010 @ 17:44 17:44

      Maggie: Could you get me the links for Lionheart and the Mosab video?

      The Fisking did help me purge some of my anger, but my fury will never be ended until the Mohammedins are crushed [the same goes for by rage against the Leftist Machine].

  6. Ken permalink
    25 August 2010 @ 09:43 09:43

    The only thing with which I might take issue is the reference to “submission” as if it were something inherently bad in a religion. Christianity also insists that we submit ourselves to God’s will. The important difference between the two on this point perhaps explains the appreciation that leftists, who normally express terror at the thought of religion showing its face outside the privacy of one’s shuttered home, seem to have for Islam. Unlike Christianity, which gives a few basic criteria for leading our lives (along with numerous examples of their application in specific situations) but leaves it to us to work out their implications for our lives, Allah (or Mohamed) treats all his followers as “intellectually challenged” children, every minute aspect of who’s lives must be micromanaged. This isn’t limited to their personal lives, but extends to the public arena, where concepts such as freedom, democracy, self-government are all explicitly condemned, and an absolute theocratic rule demanded.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      25 August 2010 @ 10:57 10:57

      Ken: Spot-on. The Mohammedin cult denies Free Will. God gave us Free Will.


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