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Stop Counting Those Damn Chickens

18 August 2010 @ 17:21

Smitty has got the exact same worry as I do: we’re not happy to hear right-side pundits and just regular Joe conservatives getting all excited and confident about the outcome of the November Elections:

Look, people:

-The election is weeks away yet. The Tea Party is always in danger of being hoisted on its own retards* (the GOP).

-Even in the case of a GOP win, the prize is a stinking debt diaper. Expect Sir Golf-a-lot to do exactly that, and point fingers in two years.


If we and/or The Stupid Party don’t screw things up and we gain enough control to thwart and/or repeal some of the socialism that’s going on, it will be a victory that’s merely analogous to The Battle Of Midway: the end of the beginning, the start of a long slog to achieving a restoration of our freedoms and liberties.

If Julius Obamacus Caesar loses control of the Tribunes, he will pull out all the stops to destroy us.  Consulting the Leftist Playbook, he and his minions will do everything in their power to demonize and delegitimize us, with the goal of ruining us so extensively in the eyes of other people that he and his Bolshe buddies will be able to implement their tyranny with much greater ease. 

Remember: the Left has no morality, no scruples, no restraining hand. 

They are not bound by the laws of decency. 

Their end is all that matters to them and they will crush anyone who gets in their way.

So, if you find yourself starting to feel excited about November, fight the feeling.

  1. 18 August 2010 @ 17:26 17:26

    Did you read The Classic Liberal? Bracing stuff.

  2. 18 August 2010 @ 18:16 18:16

    The ‘let someone else do it’ mentality makes me want to smack someone!

  3. Adobe Walls permalink
    18 August 2010 @ 19:29 19:29

    After reading the CL post I feel much better. The link at the end is redundant, Unfortunately the Republicans won’t save us. We didn’t know that? That the republicans have acted as badly as the Social Democrats since at least LBJ is one of the few absolute certainties in our politics and our job is to change that. If we can’t then the next best solution is another party. That takes a long time, much more than we have I fear. Feeling excited about November is ok, as long as we remember we are likely to be required to feel the fighting.

  4. 18 August 2010 @ 20:17 20:17

    Thanks Smitty!

    I’ve been trying hard to drive home the reality of the economic crisis we face. It’s both scary and very real. Politicians and bureaucrats either won’t talk about it (for obvious reasons), are clueless, or are outcasts like Ron Paul (who as a politician has a more positive spin on it than I do). It’s up to “We the People” to accept the hard truth of the matter and force their hand. But that won’t happen, and we’ll be looking at 10 or possibly 20-30 years before any real recovery.

  5. 18 August 2010 @ 20:38 20:38

    your’e right…we cant get ahead of ourselves no doubt!

  6. 18 August 2010 @ 22:58 22:58

    Thank you, for picking up the post and really expounding.
    And Belveldere, for linking as well.
    No wonder the fascists are so on about getting the FCC to regulate the tubey-webs.

  7. Roxeanne de Luca permalink
    19 August 2010 @ 00:06 00:06

    I’m excited for November because it’s the first step. Every day, in the People’s Republic, I see former Democrats and fence-sitters taking up the conservative cause. Not the Republican cause, not the establishment GOP cause, but the conservative one.

    What I’m also seeing are candidates who are new to politics, but are nevertheless brilliant and accomplished. To paraphrase Sarah Barracuda, they aren’t going to Washington (or Beacon Hill) to seek the establishment’s good opinion; they are going for the good of America. If these people get elected, I’m not worried about what they’ll do (or not do) there; they have a serious allergy to politics-as-usual. They also have a clue about the mess we are in and really want to fix it.

    I could care less (in some ways) about the outcome in November, relative to GOP v. Dem wins. What I do care about is that we get people in Congress who will repeal ObamaCare and pass a free-market health care reform package, then double-dare Obama to veto it. If we get a big GOP pick-up, but the neutered Congresscritters lack the balls to pass good, popular, fiscally sane legislation ‘cuz Obama will veto it anyway, then we’re actually more screwed than we are now (as a country).

    What we need the American public to see is nothing less than two years of conservatives who pass sane legislation, then get shot down when the ideological Marxist in the White House vetoes it. Then we can start Phase II of restoring America.

  8. Adobe Walls permalink
    19 August 2010 @ 01:08 01:08

    @Roxeanne de Luca:
    “If we get a big GOP pick-up, but the neutered Congresscritters lack the balls to pass good, popular, fiscally sane legislation ‘cuz Obama will veto it anyway, then we’re actually more screwed than we are now (as a country).”
    The upside of that is what that will teach us about the hopelessness of our fellow citizens.
    Your last paragraph is plumb,level,and square.

  9. bobbelvedere permalink*
    19 August 2010 @ 08:39 08:39

    -Roxe is dead, solid, perfect – she gets it, obviously.

    Smitty/TheCL: I have no doubt that recovery will take a long time and that we’re going to have to get used to a lower standard of living. I think the hardest element of that will be our weaning ourselves off of the government teats [note the plural]. We don’t realize just how much we have come to depend on the gummit at all levels and under so many conditions. But, it is our duty to make whatever sacrifices need to be made for those Americans yet unborn and as a Penance for our past sins [yeah, yeah, I was brought up Catholic – so sue me in Ecclesiastical Court (Judge Judith presiding)].

    -I’ll say it before, and I will now say it again: the world has been going downhill since Magna Carta.

  10. Mrs. Kissell permalink
    19 August 2010 @ 12:44 12:44



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