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‘They Go Together Like A Horse And Carriage’

05 August 2010 @ 19:16

And I don’t mean Love and Marriage in this case…

I’m talking about the belief in Egalitarianism and the imposition of Tyranny.

In a mini-essay over at The Other McCain, Stacy McCain comments on the relationship between both and uses the decision by U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn R. Walker in Proposition 8 in California as an example of what happens to our freedoms and liberties when the Left controls the conversation.  Two highlights:

Even with a clear majority of the American people on their side, conservatives can argue against same-sex marriage until they’re blue in the face and never gain an inch of intellectual terrain until they are willing to make a direct argument against the fallacy of “gender equality.”

If conservatives are losing this argument, then, it is through their own cowardice, perhaps motivated by the guilty consciences of those who have long stifled their doubts about the egalitarian parameters within which modern American public discourse is confined. To say that men and women, as such, are different enough that they cannot be made truly equal in a free society is today such a controversial assertion as to seem wildly irresponsible — even though it is demonstrably true.

And later…

Here we arrive at the tautology at the heart of the problem: The elite are your superiors because they are the elite. Whatever beliefs and attitudes prevail among the elite enjoy a privileged status that no non-elite person is permitted to question without being judged to have demonstrated his inferiority. Such judgments are imbued with terrifying power through the elite’s control of academic, cultural, political and legal institutions.

Judge Walker belongs to that part of the elite empowered to impose its beliefs and attitudes as a matter of law, and is therefore understandably praised by elite power-worshippers. The fact that such power effectively disenfranchises a majority of Americans — negating the authority of elected representatives at all levels of government — is inarguable. We have lost not merely a district court ruling, but everything for which the patriots of 1776 took up arms, most especially including the Rule of Law.

I would urge you to head on over to Stacy’s place and read the whole thing; it is full of Right Reason and Common Sense.

As I wrote in my posting, The Totalitarian Collectivist Impulse:

It is the core belief of any Leftist that he or she has THE ANSWER to bringing about ‘Heaven on Earth’. The Left believes they are THE Enlightened Ones who possess the wisdom and knowledge to re-engineer the filthy and chaotic world into a sterile and very well-ordered machine [note the absence of anything that can reasonably be called ‘human’ in those adjectives]. In their twisted way of reasoning, they think a life free of worry or care or dirt is the ideal life. ‘Ideal’ is the key world here. The New Little Oxford English Dictionary defines this word as ‘perfect; existing only in idea’. In other words, an ideal is something that cannot physically exist in the real world. It can only exist in the mind and/or soul [the latter does not exist for the Leftist]—places where perfection can be envisioned, but are not concrete. An ideal is a fancy, a wish, and, like all such musings, rarely applicable or possible in the real world. Christians and Jews know this. They strive to be perfect like God, but they know that they will never achieve His perfection. The Leftist, on the other hand, has shedded any trace of humility and modesty, and believes that the ideas conceived in the laboratory of the brain can be implemented in the real world without alteration. This attitude, combined with their certitude that they have conceived of THE ANSWER, leads them to believe that any means necessary to employ to establish their ‘paradises’ are justified.

To bring this back to the original point: the Leftists believe they have THE ANSWER and it is the ONLY way to make the world as it should be. They also believe that the vast majority of people are not as ‘enlightened’ as their elite group are. Therefore, to provide the world with ‘Heaven on Earth’, they must force it upon the ignorant majority. Okay…’how best to accomplish this?’ they ask themselves. The answer that rings in their skulls is ‘through the accumulation of power by the illuminated elites who “get it”, are with the program, can be trusted with power’. Hence, the pathological need by all Leftists to gather power unto their elitest-selves.

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