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Precarious And Perilous

03 August 2010 @ 17:31

When George W. Bush left office, the world was quite a dangerous place.  We were fighting a war against Islam [something he inherited], his Administration had done nothing worthwhile to stop North Korea from obtaining or testing nuclear weapons, Russia was free to take aggressive actions outside of it’s borders, Red China was continuing to steal military and technological secrets as it has been since the Clinton Administration without consequence, and, most alarmingly under his watch, Iran began building it’s own bomb.  President Bush had left us in a very difficult situation.  However, all of the bad actors in the world still retained a modicum of fear of U.S. action — that was something…it wasn’t much, but it was something

Since 20 January 2009, the world has become even more dangerous thanks to the incompetence and peevish of the man-child in The White House.  Barack Hussein Obama has been worse in his handling of all of these situations than President Bush and has, in fact, been  appeasing the brutal dictators of the world and kowtowing to Islam with the greatest of delight.  Iran is being left alone to produce a nuclear arsenal.  Our Anti-President has actually been shirking his duties, violating his Constitutional Oath.  We have not faced such a deadly threat to the survival of America since The Civil War, perhaps not since The War Of 1812. 

Over at Three Beers Later, Richard McEnroe has the latest indicator of the bad situation we are in.  There are some very serious problems with our Aegis Air Defense System.  This is just a symptom of a much larger problem facing our national defense under this anti-military and pathetically naive Administration: 

This problem is exacerbated by personnel drawdowns in the Fleets as the Navy struggles to meet budget targets. Many ships’ Aegis systems are being operated by sailors struggling in assignments one and even two grades above their rank and training. Ironically, as the Navy reduces the number of sailors at the sharp end, the number of admirals to bust their chops is increasing. While our young men and women at sea are working the wonders they always do, the dockside Decaturs of the “Potomac Fleet” are making it harder and harder for them to do their jobs. 

The one part of the military our Fearless Leader seems to like are the Perfumed Princes of the top ranks, who are very well-practiced in the art of ego fellatio rather than the Art of War — and good old Barry loves himself a good mind job. 

Please do take the time to click here and read Richard’s full report

The Obama Air Defense System: 

Image by Bob Belvedere

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