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An Appeal For A Friend

31 July 2010 @ 14:03

One of the best eggs in The Ether is Stogie, proprietor of Saberpoint.

He’s in financial trouble and may lose his house. 

Stogie’s been out of work for a year and he and his wife and run through their savings.  He’s a CPA, a group that was believed to be immune from recession, but this one’s so deep [despite the happy faces on the lying MSM] that this group of professionals has been hit as well.  He’s in his 50’s which, as you know, makes him hard to employ.  And Lord knows, he’s tried.  This man is no slacker. 

In fact, Stogie is a man of exceptional character who is tenacious in defending his friends when they have been slandered or libeled. Stacy McCain sent out an appeal for him today that included this:

…Maybe you don’t know Stogie, but perhaps you will recall how steadfastly he stood by me during last year’s blog war with Charles Johnson of LGF. Stogie has also aided many other conservative bloggers, including Clifton of Another Black Conservative….

There was no more resolute defender of Stacy’s honor [outside of Stacy himself] than Stogie.  And he stood by your humble Dispatcher when Debbie Schlussel attacked me with demented legal threats.

There is also no more resolute a patriot than Stogie — he possesses a finely tuned BS Detector — and no greater Friend when you’re in need of a good flank commander.

If you can spare a few bucks, please head on over to his place and hit his tip jar — any amount will help.

If you’re a Randian and don’t want to be denounced by your fellow Objectivists as a looter, Stogie, who is quite a good graphic design artist, has got a deal for you [please click on the ad for details]:

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  1. 31 July 2010 @ 17:45 17:45


    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      31 July 2010 @ 18:59 18:59

      MNR: Your a good man…er, replicant.

  2. 31 July 2010 @ 20:41 20:41

    Done as well. And posted. Have you checked out Stacy’s comment section regarding helping Stogie? He has attracted some quite opinionated people going round and round about to give or not to give. People are getting way to jaded.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      01 August 2010 @ 17:37 17:37

      Red: I will check it out, Red….thanks. Five WOOTS! for you.


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