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Gonzo! Las Vegas!

26 July 2010 @ 10:03

America’s favorite living gonzo reporter, Stacy McCain has been reporting from the RightOnline Conference all weekend, even though he wasn’t invited [kinda like not inviting Einstein to speak at a conference on Relativity].

-He snagged a video interview with comedian and producer Evan Sayet and was privileged to have the star use his computer [he’ll never wash the keyboard again…well, actually, he’s never washed it…ever].

-As is his wont, being the talented writer he is, Stacy has once again left us with an indelible image from his trip:

And how bad could I feel, anyway, when I’m blogging from a posh suite at the fabulous Venetian Resort Hotel?

Wait, let’s clarify that last sentence:

And how bad could I feel, anyway, when I’m blogging completely naked from a posh suite at the fabulous Venetian Resort Hotel?

Oh…man…didn’t need to have that image implanted in my brain all weekend.  The Mind Numbed Robot felt the same way:

I really wish I hadn’t read that, but since I did, you must now be subjected to the same mental torture, in keeping with the current regime’s mantra of sharing the wealth and spreading the pain.

Thankfully, good old MNR provided us with some pics of the lovely Bobby Billard as a antidote.

-Stacy also attended a:

…seminar called “Pimp Your Website: Taking It to the Next Level.” However, the person teaching that seminar is not the author of “How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog.”

Here’s a picture of him that will explain why he was not chosen to lead the talk:

You see: chopped liver has no feelings.

Part of the seminar was taught by Matt Lewis and Stacy posted some good video from it here.

-Per usual, he did a posting of photos of some of the people he met on his travels in Crapsville.

-Stacy explains how he spent most of his time at the Conference:

…I spent most of the Right Online conference shadowing the Christine O’Donnell campaign team. They’re trying to raise awareness among conservative activists of the crucial opportunity in the Delaware GOP Senate primary, which I wrote about last week at The American Spectator, and Friday here on the blog.

Anyway, as longtime readers know, my idea it that there’s only one way to do campaign coverage: Go all-in [Bob: The essence of Gonzo]. So for the past three days, I spent a lot of time with Team O’Donnell, sitting in on meetings that were “totally off-the-record,” according to sources close to the campaign.

He also scored an interview with the candidate.  Using his infamous charm, he got her to wear his fedora and even make a pitch for a certain something. [There’s also more here, including a link to her campaign site]

Christine O’Donnell is quite charming and articulate, and a good sport.  I would be doing my readers a disservice if I did not post a few screen captures from the interview:

I blogged about her way back in March after Smitty did.  Here’s a picture of her that I published in another posting back in June:

The GOP: Where The Babes Go To Run.

-Stacy has promised more photos, videos, and reports, so keeping popping over to The Other McCain.

‘In a nation run by swine, all pigs are upward-mobile and the rest of us are f–ked until we can put our acts together: Not necessarily to Win, but mainly to keep from Losing Completely.’

  1. 26 July 2010 @ 14:49 14:49

    Christine O’Donnell is definitely easy on the eyes. And her message is music to the ears. What a combo.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      26 July 2010 @ 16:18 16:18

      MNR: I think out of all the good looking gals running as Repubs this year, she may be the best.


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