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Rule 5 Nerd

23 July 2010 @ 19:25

Too often, those of us who practice the Rule 5 Arts get caught up in a kind of tunnel vision wherein we end up featuring only gals who are models and celebrities.  By doing this we ignore a whole swath of other lovely ladies out there who deserve the Rule 5 spotlight.  The TCOTS Rule 5 Compliance Committee has decided to make a determined effort from this moment on to feature these neglected lasses from time to time.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we begin to make reparations, as it were, beginning right now by shining the TCOTS spotlight on a naturally endowed nerd.  Not just any gal nerd, mind you, but a lady who bills herself as The Naked Nerd.  She enjoys video games and all sorts of nerdy stuff….please welcome…


Special Thanks to The Smoking Jacket for featuring her.

A Final Note: The Committee would like to recommend you check out the latest Rule 5 posting from Donald ‘Restraining Order’ Douglas over at American Power.

  1. 24 July 2010 @ 09:00 09:00

    When, oh when, will reparations be made by shining the TCOTS spotlight on a naturally endowed sheeple? Not just any gal sheeple, mind you, but a lady who bills herself as The Naked Sheeple. She enjoys Photoshopping™ and creating YouTube™ videos and all sorts of nerdy stuff…

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      24 July 2010 @ 12:23 12:23

      Tell that gal to send me some PG-13 rated pictures [and a few R-rated, purely for contrast purposes] and The Committee will gladly shine the spotlight.


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