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‘How Can It Not Know What It Is?’

21 July 2010 @ 14:36

Like all well-made, high quality replicants, the Mind Numbed Robot has been programmed so as to be able to perform well in many areas and very well in a few.  One of those is which he excels [full disclosure: Microsoft Excel is a cousin twice-removed of MNR’s] is in the Epic Rule 2 FMJRA Prose Poem, a genre that he actually created not long ago and at which he is clearly THE ONE AND ONLY Master.

Recently, MNR began publishing a three-part work entitled Robo-Love Experiment [admittedly his title-naming skills are not as first-rate as his prose composition skills — I will speak to Dr. Tyrell (MNR’s creator) about this at our next smoker]. 

The first two parts may be found here and here [my comments on them may be found here].

He has just published the third and final installment of this instant classic of blog posting.  It is a magnificent work that combines the seemly incompatible characteristics of Shameless Blogwhoring and an entertaining story, albeit a grim one.  From it’s opening paragraphs:

“Honestly,” Maggie said. “Who’s going to clean up all of this trash? These Congressmen and Senators sure made a mess in the streets when they shredded those old papers, didn’t they?”

The two were sitting on a bench across New Jersey Avenue from the Capitol Building, watching remnants of the founding documents float and flitter, tossed by a blustery wind.

They were old enough to know they weren’t welcome in that area, but still too young to give a flying fig if anyone cared. Besides, who’s going to arrest them? After the riots, the police had either quit or joined one side or the other. The patrols those days consisted of United Nations troops who wore their body armor and carried full autos. Two old homeless geezers posed no threat. The threat had come from within and now that everyone had picked sides and the civil war was on full scale, if you didn’t carry anything worth stealing, almost everyone left you alone. It’s funny how anarchy works if you don’t play a part.

While it is a depressing scenario, I fully understand his purpose.  As he states: ‘It’s just my attempt to wake some folks up.’  That is a noble purpose because so many are still slumbering as the tornado keeps progressing towards them.

Well done, MNR, well done.

  1. 21 July 2010 @ 15:05 15:05

    Thanks for linking, and for the kind words. I’ve been thinking of titles, and haven’t come up with anything yet. They’ll come to me eventually. “A rose by any other name…”

  2. 21 July 2010 @ 22:15 22:15

    This series was really inspired, and I liked them all, esp. the 3rd one.
    Robot did a great job.


  1. Extraterrestrials Secretly Abduct Robot, Empty Liquor Cabinet, Leave

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