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Sic Semper Fossor*

19 July 2010 @ 14:40

Last week I wrote about the need for those of us on the Right to purge our brains of the infection of Leftist thinking which the Progressives have slowly fed to us from every angle and into every pore of our being for over one hundred years.  As I stated:

…Carol [of Carol’s Closet] understands that this about something greater than political parties.

Our fight to restore our freedoms and liberties is not a struggle against any one party — it is a war against an idea: collectivism. This ravaging cancer knows no boundaries; no area is off-limits to it’s insidious reach. We have all been infected with it to varying degrees as have all areas of American Society. This is a war on many fronts and one of the hardest ones is located in our own souls. We have to be prepared to, in a sense, reprogram ourselves. I think we are doing just that, but we must be ever vigilant.

Today over at The Other McCain, Stacy McCain looks at one of the most blatant and destructive manifestations of Leftist thinking that is crippling the Right and the GOP:

[Jonathan] Chait and his friends are trying to do what liberals in the media always do, shape Conventional Wisdom to their own advantage.

“Sharron Angle Can’t Win” is the Meme-O’-Th’-Day, and liberals are going to pound it as hard and as long as they can. Why? Because they know that a lot of Republicans base their political decisions on Conventional Wisdom so that, by promoting this Angle-Is-Doomed message, liberals will erode support for Harry Reid’s opponent — especially from the Dumb and Rich Coalition who comprise the GOP’s big-money donors.

Sharron Angle can win, and should win, and will win, so long as the conservative grassroots don’t allow themselves to be bamboozled into believing the liberal Conventional Wisdom.

The nickname ‘Dumb and Rich Coalition’ is quite appropriate for those men and women who have earned a lot of money, have been so infused with Leftist guilt that they have accumulated a lot of wealth that they have come to believe that somehow they’re bad people for having done so], and have become skittish old maids who are frightened to take the kind of chances and stand for the kind of beliefs and actions they did in their climb to wealth.

Having spent so many precious hours reading the works of Marx, Lenin [just thinking of re-reading State And Revolution makes me shiver with fever], Trotsky, et. al., I can tell you one of the themes repeated by these types over and over is the importance of relentlessly pounding home the message you want to get across, hammer it so much that it becomes the Conventional Wisdom.  This is The Big Lie

By repeating their lies over and over, the Left creates a false reality that supplements the real world. In this false reality, the lie is the truth, the truth is the lie. A is not A. [But we know that A must always be A.]

Eventually, the relentless hammering succeeds, especially with the most vulnerable [ie: the weakest souls] like the Dumb And Rich Coalition and the Establishment of the GOP, all of whom are scared of their own shadows.  As Stacy concludes:

Obviously, you can’t expect the Dumb and Rich to write any fat checks to make that happen, so it’s up to the grassroots to give those small donations — $10, $20, $50 – that will add up to match the millions Harry Reid gets from his Democratic fat-cat friends.

It’s up to us, the men [and women] with chests, to provide the care and feed to the effort to restore our freedoms and liberties.  This is why efforts like Ten Buck Friday are so very, very important.

Please also see Jimmie Bise’s take on this issue over at The Sundries Shack.

* Always foolish

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