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Scott Brown: Sleazy Scum Or Blockhead Or Namby-Pamby Dolt?

14 July 2010 @ 14:20

In a posting on Monday [What Has Brown Done To You] commenting on Senator Scott Brown’s decision to support the Dodd/Frank ‘financial reform’ bill [aka: The Fascist Takeover Of The Free Market Bill], I wrote:

Taking into consideration that he often spoke on the campaign trail about protecting the free market and his actions since taking office, I am forced to conclude that Mr. Brown is either one of two types of person:

1) a typical politician who wants to be loved by The Establishment, to fit in and get invited to all of the important parties; or

2) a not very bright fellow who is unable to understand a threat to freedom when he spends a week studying one.

Andrew McCarthy has a slightly different take that makes sense [this is so short, it is worthy quoting nearly in full]:

…But, though he’s no Ted Kennedy, he seems to be the Senate version of Anthony Kennedy. He likes being the deciding vote, you get the sense that being the deciding vote is often more important to him than how he gets there intellectually, and he’s going to infuriate both sides about half the time.

Let’s employ a little logic here…

1) Anthony Kennedy = Namby-Pamby Dolt

2) Scott Brown = Anthony Kennedy

3) Therefore: Scott Brown = Namby-Pamby Dolt.

No matter which one of the three it is or a combination of two or all three, I’m through with Scott Brown.

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  1. 14 July 2010 @ 16:52 16:52

    Yea I’m so thrilled we got Scooter elected.

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