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La Cosa Obama: A Vast Network Of Criminality

06 July 2010 @ 19:55


La Cosa Obama is not just restricted to the Washington D.C. and Chicago territories.  It’s tentacles stretch into every section of the country, into government at all levels.  Governed only by it’s own, ever-changing rules [their motto: ‘by any means necessary’], this criminal organization has influence in every part of society in America.  The Five Families may be the most prominent members of this nefarious organization, but there are plenty of others operating throughout these United States.

One such is what we here at the CBI have labeled The California Concern [aka: ‘The Naval Gazers’; aka ‘The Call Me M’am Family’], led by Boss Barbara Boxer and her Underboss Diane Feinstein.  They and their associates control all of the territory known as California.  Recently, one of our allied agencies, the RINO Intelligence Agency [RINOIA] attempted to get some control over the monies being spent by the state government out there.  RINOIA Special Agent Schwarzenegger made a concerted effort to stop the flow of tax dollars into the black hole, known as California State Government, as CBI Special Agent Nicholas reported:

The state currently has a 19 Billion dollar deficit (that would be Billion, with a “B”) which has yet to be addressed by the Democrat controlled state legislature. The Legislature’s failure to act has left the state with a financial shortfall and without a spending plan as the new fiscal year begins. In response Schwarzenegger ordered the state workers’ pay temporarily cut to the federal minimum wage as a stop gap measure, the back owed payments to be repaid once the state has funded its expenditures.

At first this appeared to be a successful move against The California Concern.  It even withstood a court challenge.  But capo regime John Chiang, State Controller, resorted to an interesting counter-tactic [once again from Agent Nicholas’s report]:

…However, John Chiang, a Democrat elected in 2006 and the state controller who issues state paychecks, says he cannot comply. He cited the state’s computer system as the reason, claiming the technological challenge of restating paychecks to the federal minimum of $7.25 an hour was just too difficult to tabulate, and asserted the computerized payroll system won’t be able to be programmed for such a highly complicated calculation until October 2012.

I know this sounds like an absolutely absurd reason to you, but Agent Schwarzenegger may have no recourse considering Chiang is, like him, a statewide elected official.

Please do click here to read the rest of the Agent’s report over at the What The…?! blog.

One of the Five Families, The Reids [aka: ‘The Senate’; aka: ‘The Ninnies’] has recently been caught in an act of blatant thuggery.  Led by Harry ‘The School Marm’ Reid [aka: ‘Don Calamari-Face’], The Reid Family, who have already put a contract out on TEA Special Agent in charge of the Nevada District, Sharron Angle [TEA consists of field agents of the VRWC], has decided to try a new way to whack Agent Angle.  From a report by CBI Special Agent William Jacobson:

A few days ago, Sharron Angle launched a new format to her website, giving the campaign a more professional looking web portal.

Harry Reid’s campaign, however, took the code from the prior Angle website and launched a website called “” The fake website was what, in internet terminology, is called spoofing, where a seemingly real website is created, usually to obtain information under false pretenses (frequently referred to as “phishing”).

The purported purpose of the spoofed website — according to a press release by the Reid campaign — was to preserve Angle’s position statements on various issues — but that purpose surely was contrived, since Angle’s prior website was cited and quoted extensively. All of Angle’s positions, as reflected on the original website, were fully preserved.

While creating a spoofed website may have reflected the childish ways of the Reid campaign, the way the Reid campaign set up the spoofed website was more nefarious.

The Reid campaign activated the prior sections of Angle’s original website where supporters of Angle could enter their e-mail and other contact information for future campaign communications, as well as a form to sign up as a volunteer….

Turning these contact and volunteer functions live must have been a deliberate Reid campaign decision, because the “contribute” function on the spoofed website was inoperable. The Reid campaign clearly wanted to gather names and contact information on Angle supporters, but did not want to go so far as to take fraudulent donations.

Please do take the time to click here and read Agent Jacobson’s full report over at Legal Insurrection.

While these are just two cases, they accurately reflect the kind of nefarious activities being conducted by the made members of La Cosa Obama.  They must be thwarted in their efforts to turn the whole of The United States into a criminal enterprise.

Future reports will be filed as the situation warrants.

  1. 06 July 2010 @ 22:09 22:09

    These are creepy people, Bob. When they bend and break the law, they consider themselves clever. When a republican does no more than have her kids come with her on a campaign event, hey, that’s reason to initiate an ethics investigation!

    Right and wrong, the rule of law, the constitution… fahgettaboudit. If you’re a wise guy, ideology is everything. And with Attorney General Eric Holder more concerned about challenging Arizona law than he is pursuing voter intimidation and election tampering, you can see the wild things have been set loose to run their mischief far and wide out there.

    Thanks for the link!

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      06 July 2010 @ 23:24 23:24

      Spot-on….and you’re welcome.

  2. 07 July 2010 @ 01:17 01:17

    Excellent investigative work, sir. The tentacles of La Cosa Obama have quite the reach, don’t they? They are evil, persistent, and everywhere.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      07 July 2010 @ 08:04 08:04

      They’re like dung: they’re everywhere.

      Thank you.

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