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The Spot-On Quote Of The Day…

28 June 2010 @ 17:50

…is awarded to Ran, proprietor of Si Vis Pacem, for his understanding of what the obligations are of those of us who are fighting to restore our freedoms and liberties and for his grasp of the biggest unintended consequence of the election of Barack Hussein Obama:

… There is an old Jewish saying: One isn’t Jewish merely because one’s mother was Jewish, rather one is Jewish because one’s grandchildren are Jewish.

Likewise, one is not free because our parents enjoyed Liberty. Freedom and individual accountability and responsibility are things we must pass down to the next generations. “We are five days away from the fundamental transformation of America.” The fly bespotted Pharaoh had no idea that, for once, he was telling the truth.


-Conservatives have to understand that we’re not just fighting to restore our freedoms and liberties, but also honor, decency, and traditional standards of conduct in a world gone mad with vile behavior.

-‘Fly bespotted’, that’s a good one [wish I had thought of it last week].  I suppose we should not be in the least way surprised that flies are attracted to Barry — after all, he is full of s–t.

  1. 28 June 2010 @ 17:58 17:58

    Thanks for the linkitude!
    Yeah… the flies ARE trying to tell us something.

  2. 28 June 2010 @ 18:04 18:04

    Good One! Fly bespotted…hee hee.

  3. 28 June 2010 @ 18:44 18:44

    Ran has a particular knack for hitting stuff spot on. Fly bespotted INDEED.

    We all now what attracts flies most; not so odd it was sitting in the immediate vicinity of his yapper.

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