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‘If Boats Were On Land, Churches On Sea’

28 June 2010 @ 17:21

The world truly has turned upside down…Example #357…

A big, sweeping tip of the fedora to John J. Miller for pointing out these two contrasting stories.

Story One [Fox News reporting]:

Georgia on Friday removed a historic bronze statue of Joseph Stalin from his home town’s main square in the dead of night, in a repudiation of the ex-Soviet republic’s most infamous son.

Officials said the 20-foot statue would be moved to a local museum and replaced in the city’s central square, which was bombed during Georgia’s 2008 war with Russia, with a monument to victims of that conflict.

Story Two [The Roanoke Times, Rex Bowman reporting]:

A controversial bust of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin has been placed at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, just in time for Sunday’s ceremony marking the anniversary of the 1944 invasion of Normandy.

In defending the bust of Stalin, National D-Day Memorial Foundation President William McIntosh on Wednesday referred to the foundation’s Web site (, which says the point of the bust is to acknowledge Stalin’s part in the war. The Russian leader’s troops tied up massive German forces while the Allies planned and executed the Normandy invasion.

There’s nothing to add — these two stories speak for themselves.

‘Ironic, eh, tovarich!’

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  1. 29 June 2010 @ 07:05 07:05

    I’m embarrassed a McIntosh would defend this.

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