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How About A Little Breather…

26 June 2010 @ 17:09

We all need a little breather.  And, hey, it’s Saturday Night and the lumpwort lickspittles of the Leftist god are off doing whatever it is pathetic pusillanimous parasites do in their sorry-ass shook social lives, so let’s kick back and relax a bit…

-Let me start off first with an update: a number of months ago I promised that I would soon be publishing some excerpts from my unauthorized autobiography.  I am happy to report that this task is finally nearing completion.  It took a lot longer than I thought, I must admit, to cull excerpts from the 10,000 plus pages.  So, expect something soon and thanks for your patience, my Friends In The Ether.

-There’s no better way — none, nada, zero, baby — to kick off a Saturday Night hop than with The Chairman Of The Board, Old Blue Hisself.  The man knows how to put you in just the right mood for swingin’ the night away, and, if this song don’t make you feel good, Jack, then you best get yourself a heart transplant immedioso.  Here’s Almost Like Being In Love:

-Good friend Pundette likes this song done slower and she’s got two versions up over at her dive: a good one by, of all people, James Taylor, and a great one by the great Nat King Cole.

-Professor William Jacobson, Dean of Legal Insurection, let’s reveals his secret identity as a Secret Agent Man.  Well…since the good Professor has decided to ‘fess us, I feel compelled to testify too [but with a bit more discretion]: all I’ll say is that, They call me Number 6 [and Tater Salad].

-There’s nothing better to complement some rip roaring rhythm than some ninja-esque nuclear nubiles and Irish Cicero delivers a fifty-megaton blast of librarians and ladies in his latest Rebel Rule 5 Spectatcular!

-Now some of the gals I have known have called me a sweet talker, but I’m certainly not like the man who did Rosemary Clooney wrong and, according to Paco, gave her Blues In The Night.

-Speaking of friend Paco: he’s got a picture up that shows how many doctors, not getting enough back in insurance payments, are having to moonlight [pun intended].

-You’re listening to WOLV-BM — Wolverine Radio: The Sound Of The Rightosphere.  This is your host, Rockin’ Bob Belvedere, spinning all the hits on this first Saturday of Summer 2010.  Don’t forget you can hear me every sunrise because: I am the morning DJ at WOLD-DDDDDD / Playing all the hits for you / Wherever you may be [Man, if you know this reference without having to look it up, you’re old].

-I don’t know about you, but Summer does not officially begin for me and my good pal John Doe until we hear our favorite Rock And Roll gal, Joan Jett, singing Crimson & Clover, over and over — my God, she’s a sweet thang.

-Recently, the music world lost one it’s more original people: Jimmy Dean.  Courtesy of our good friend Jamie Jeffords, here’s his biggest hit Big Bad John.

-Now, I am not a big fan of Carole King.  When I was but a beardless youth, I got so ill hearing other people play Tapestry over and over and over again that I almost gave up and became a monk.  But, I must admit, this one song is a well-crafted, happening pop song.  Courtesy of the WOOTastic Red, here’s Miss King who’s telling everyone who will listen I Feel The Earth Move.

-From the Breaking News Desk at the Foxy News Channel [We Rule 5, You Decide]:

Miss America, Rima Fakih, has curves
…and a great pair of gams!…

20 JULY 2014: I have removed and deleted the two pictures of Rima Fakih on this day because she is a supporter of Terrorism [see here:



-In La Rock ‘N’ Roll Nostra [trans: ‘this Rockin’ Thing Of Ours’], there are many people and groups who, through horrible musical decisions later on in their careers, make us forget that, at one time, they knew how to rock.  Such is the case with Rod Stewart.  In his early career, the man, along with The Faces, produced some of highest quality music in the genre.  My good partner-in-blogging-crime, Donald ‘Restraining Order’ Douglas, recently featured a double-shot of them performing You Wear It Well and the great, all-time classic Maggie May.

-Let’s keep facing the music with The Face’s best song: Stay With Me

-Now it’s time to reach back into the Roots of Rock…’cause…

Well, it’s Saturday Night / And I just got paid / Poolin’ all my money / Don’t try to save

With a little help from Bill Haley And The Comets, our compadre Happy Feet Paco is ready to Rip It Up.

-I know I’m going to catch a lot of heat for this, but, for me, Bill Haley has always been the first King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll, so we’re going to end with two of the rockinest Haley songs…

  1. 27 June 2010 @ 22:18 22:18

    This is one b.a. rocking round up Bob. You may have a second career on your horizon as a DJ. Thanks for the linkback 😉

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 June 2010 @ 23:17 23:17

      You’re welcome. Thanks for the compliment: when I was a kid I wanted to be either a DJ or musician.

      • 28 June 2010 @ 08:11 08:11

        I would have gone for DJ. They actually get paid on a regular basis.


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