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Is This The End Of Rahmo?

21 June 2010 @ 11:01

The rumors are flying that ‘hard headed pragmatist’ Rahm ‘Rahmbo’ Emanuel may be leaving his position as White House Chief Of Staff soon.

It seems he may have grown weary of dealing with the committed idealogues in the Administration and that has burned him out [like John Wilkes Booth in the barn?].  If this is the truth, then, as Smitty writes:

So it sounds to me that the realpolitik of Chicago is losing out to the Ivory Tower buffoonery.

I suspect that it’s got to be quite frustrating to be a political street-fighting thug watching radical Lefties pushing through their dream legislation and regulations, knowing that they don’t care what the consequences will be in November 2010 while you do.  As commentator Estragon put it so well in the Comments section of Smitty’s posting:

Rahm is a Chicago political operative, which means he is mainly concerned with policies which reward friends and cronies and penalize enemies. He didn’t realize he was almost alone in a nest of True Believers who hate capitalism and want to “truly reform the US economy” – meaning make it more socialist.

Who replaces him? Another unqualified Obama toady? At least Rahm had been in DC long enough to know how things work – the Chief of Staff is the guy who in large part runs things day-to-day. If you think Rahm sucks at it – and he does – just wait until another True Believer gets the post.

If you think King Barack The Unready is detached from reality now, just wait until Rahmbo is no longer strong-arming Legislators in the showers in the all-together.  This, of course, may ultimately work to the advantage of those of us who are trying to restore the usurped Constitution, but think of all of the havoc they can wreck before we are successful.  It will make our restoration efforts a lot harder.

Some of the pundits are speculating that the Sotto Capo [trans: Underboss] may wait until after the November elections before he leaves.  Over at The Sundries Shack, Jimmy Bise disagrees [tip of the fedora to Smitty]:

…I think it’s entirely possible that he’ll leave earlier than that. If the elections run anywhere close to the latest predictions, the Democrats are going to take a beating, perhaps of historical proportions, and Emanuel will not want his resignation tied to that bad a loss. If he gets out before then, at least his departure will be overwhelmed by election news.

As Jimmie goes on to say, Rahmbo may want to align himself with a more ‘pragmatic’ candidate in 2012.  Do take the time to click here and read his full posting.

With the rumors flying at break-neck speed throughout The Ether and Washington, The White House has responded quickly through a source that talked to Fox NewsMoe Lane is on that aspect of this story and comments [tip of the fedora to Jimmie Bise]:

Given that the [London Daily] Telegraph report came out yesterday afternoon, it’s amazing that they’ve gone to the trouble of denying it before the start of business hours today. And to Fox, no less.


Who knows.  But it is gratifying to know that the little s–t is frustrated and po’d — especially after hearing about him criticizing BP CEO Tony Hayward for attending a yacht race.  Nicholas, proprietor of What The…?!, has the details here and comments:

Please. When has the president’s team ever placed their focus on capping the leak and helping the people of the Gulf region? Well, certainly not yet anyway. They seem interested in politics as usual, which for them is to look for a crisis to inflame, shake down another private concern, strangle US industry, take action by executive fiat, piss all over the rule of law and parade around like a bunch of frat boys on a long weekend.

Talk about the pothead calling the kettle black.

Well…since Rahmbo’s days are numbered, I thought I’d off two highlights of his time as Chief Of Staff…

‘See this fly here?  I’m going to eat it just like I’ll eat your friggin’ ass, Stupak
— or should I say “Stuf–khead”.’

PELOSI: ‘Mmmmmmmmmm.’
RAHMN: ‘Something tells me I’ve found The N Spot.’

  1. Roxeanne de Luca permalink
    21 June 2010 @ 13:10 13:10

    Random thought: a lot of people see Rahm as the extremist*, not the pragmatist. My prediction: he’ll be gone before November, so as to give Democrats a fighting chance at not getting massacred at the ballot box.

    *Remember, 40% of the country still thinks that Obama is doing a good job, and 13% of the others self-edit: 13% of people who think he’s doing a crummy job voted for the moron.


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