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Candidate Of The Restoration: Sharron Angle [Updated Below]

16 June 2010 @ 13:53

If you listened to the MSM, you would conclude that Sharron Angle, Republican challenger to Harry ‘The School Marm’ Reid, was a bit of a kook.

The Editorial Board at National Review Online conducted an interview with Mrs. Angle at their New York offices recently and, from what I can see, this lady appears to be just an average American actively fighting the fight to restore our freedoms and liberties.  A highlight from the report written by Robert Costa:

Out of office [after having served eight years as a State Assemblywoman], but still looking to be a voice for “more freedom and less government,” Angle decided to run for the Senate. Her campaign was overtly unconventional in its presentation: No fuss, no gloss, just Sharron. Turns out, in Nevada at least, that approach works — with, of course, a little help from the Tea Party Express and other conservative groups.

“I’ve seen government from many sides,” Angle says, smiling. “Legislator, school board, citizen in the initiative process. I have a multifaceted background in education. I’ve done public-school teaching, private school, homeschooling, and tutoring for juvenile justice. I’ve taught adults at community college.” So when she says that she wants to dump the entire Department of Education, she comes across as a warm grandma who’s fought the beast, knows it, and detests it, not as some anti-government demagogue.

“Look, the Department of Education is a policy machine that sends down one-size-fits-all rules that fit no one,” Angle says. “Education works best when you have all of the stakeholders involved and working toward the same commitment. That happens best at the local level. Anything bureaucratically, administratively, these layers and layers — that just diminishes the involvement of the stakeholder. They feel like their voice isn’t being heard because there is too much of a loud clamor from the top.”

Sounds like she’s one of us [I just wish she wouldn’t use the corporate Lefty term ‘stakeholder’ — nails on a blackboard].

Her campaign sight may be found by clicking here.

UPDATE on 17JUN2010 at 0831…

The Classic Liberal has been looking into who Sharron Angle is and the lies being spread about her and concludes that he likes what he sees.  Please click here for the details.  I do especially like this bit of wisdom:

Yeah, whenever I hear the mainstream media call someone crazy, I know that person’s onto something good.

Yup….and TheCL knows crazy.

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    Memeorandum … impressive.

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