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Stacy McCain: Miley Cyrus Dating Joren Van Der Sloot?

15 June 2010 @ 08:30

Like a good reporter should, the intrepid Stacy McCain is asking questions in light of the latest incident in the on-going saga of the underage Miss Cyrus and her self-slutification.

It seems notorious blogger and attention whore Perez Hilton has posted a picture of the young seventeen-year-old getting out of a car in a short dress with clearly no underwear anywhere in sight [I won’t give this douche nozzle the satisfaction of a link].  It’s being called the Naked Miley Cyrus Upskirt Photo.

Now, my policy here is to never post pictures of underage girls in sexy get-ups — even censored ones.  But Stacy is reporting on a story and Miss Cyrus is a public [and now, it seems, a pubic] figure, so I have no objection to his posting of a censored version of the picture.  Also, as he puts it:

…But if you’re a creepazoid pervert desperately Googling for “Naked Miley Cyrus Upskirt Photo,” there’s no reason all that traffic should go to Perez Hilton….

Indeed.  As with the Hannah Giles Google-bomb, it’s better that the pervs come to a conservative site which will have the virtue of not being obscene.

Why the young Miss Cyrus feels the need to slut-it-up is beyond me.  It would be nice to see one of these young ladies who’ve enjoyed teen stardom realize that the way to get beyond that image is to mature into gown-up roles or performing instead of taking the slimy path to skankdom.  It would not be as easy, but the ultimate rewards would be much more satisfying.  As of right now, as Stacy so rightly puts it:

She’s on the Crazyville Express for a one-way trip to rehab.

Oh…what’s the Miley Cyrus, Joren Van Der Sloot connection, you ask?  Stacy has the answer.



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