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Gator Doug Is Not – Repeat Not – A Pod Person!

14 June 2010 @ 17:59

Gator Doug [aka: Doug Hagin, aka: one half of The Daley Gator blog, aka: Whoopsie The Pantless Acrobat] has not been killed and replaced by a pod-grown version of himself.  This false rumor apparently started because someone in the Blogosphere heard a broadcast on Radio Free America [WVRWC] that was garbled.

The truth is Doug has started doing podcasts on the issues of the day.  All of them, so far, may be found by clicking herePlease click here to listen to his debut.

Once again: Gator Doug has not become a pod person like, say, David Chauncey Gardiner Brooks or Lava Lamp Noonan.

In other news, Gator Doug’s partner in crime, Ed Daley [aka: darcprynce, aka: the other half of The Daley Gator blog, aka: None Chuck: The Winded Juggler] has, it seems, being doing podcasts for some time.  Check out all his podcasts by clicking here.  Sometimes these things just zoom right by me — apologies Ed.

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    14 June 2010 @ 18:22 18:22

    Thanks for the links!


  1. Thanks to my blogging pals « The Daley Gator

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