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The Righteous Rant Of The Day…

07 June 2010 @ 20:12

…comes courtesy of that fine Southern Lady, Pat Austin, for expressing in words what many of us are thinking.  The catalyst for her righteous rant was the fact, as I reported here, that Pharaoh O-Rameses couldn’t find the time in his royal schedule to even so much as issue a written statement of the 66th Anniversary of D-Day.  Let’s enjoy a bit of Pat’s work over of our Beef-Jerky-In-Chief:

He looks pretty restful here with his “Silver Fox!” wife, Michelle enjoying a gala at Ford’s Theater last night. Celebrities! Photo ops! Me, me, me!

No, what I want from this president is for him to just shut up. Quit lying to us. Quit acting like you care. If you want to go to parties, galas, go golfing, host liberal tools like Paul McCartney in the White House, if you want to have date nights and attend fund raisers, get another job. The hypocrisy of it bores me now. Move over and let somebody who actually gives a damn about this nation, its past sacrifices and its present troubles, actually do the job.

You’re disgraceful and you disgust me.

Right on, sister, right on.

SIDENOTE: Pat, of course, did not forget D-Day and she honored the men with a lovely posting.

  1. 07 June 2010 @ 23:24 23:24

    That was indeed a righteous rant. I wholeheartedly agree.

    He won’t quit, so he should at least come out and say “screw you, I’m just gonna party and play basketball for the rest of my term. Oh, and you reporters who went from kissing my ass to kicking it, screw you too. From now on I’m only talking to sports announcers.”

  2. 07 June 2010 @ 23:44 23:44

    What Pat and Silverfiddle said.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      08 June 2010 @ 08:30 08:30

      What Red said.

  3. Roxeanne de Luca permalink
    08 June 2010 @ 09:54 09:54

    What Bob said about what Red said about what Silverfiddle and Pat said. 😉

  4. 08 June 2010 @ 14:12 14:12

    You know … There are at least 100 other offenses of the Obama administration that are much more offense and serious, yet this is what gets all the play on the interwebbies? Me no understand.

    They’ve inflated our wealth away, killed hundreds of thousands of our brothers and sisters, destroyed the economy and stolen money out of the pockets of those yet born. That’s okay … but we draw the line at skipping a state admiration ceremony.

    • Roxeanne de Luca permalink
      08 June 2010 @ 15:17 15:17


      This is getting all the play… today. We’ve already ripped Obama apart for health care, re-writing the bankruptcy laws by killing the GM secured creditors, his judicial nominees, the deficit, the stimulus, the national debt, the expensive dates with Michelle, marrying that American-hating hag, Rev. Wright, death panels, golfing while the Gulf dies under millions of gallons of oil, his regulatory czars, bowing to other heads of state, giving Gordon Brown DVDs and the Queen an iPod, and I can’t even remember what else.

      So it’s time to move on to Obama’s next fuck-up, which happens to be spitting on the troops.

  5. 08 June 2010 @ 20:03 20:03

    Roxeanne: You have a brilliant talent for cutting through the crap.

    TheCL: You should also notice the lack of GOP cheerleading and George Bush hagiography at honest conservative sites.

    Progressive we-say-so tyranny kills economic growth and personal liberty whether implemented by democrats or republicans. Bush was the latest to show us that.

    So now, what the hell’s your point?

  6. 08 June 2010 @ 20:08 20:08

    OK. I just visited CL’s site, and I’m hip to his point. Our philosophies jive almost 100%, so I apologize for the “what the hell’s your point” part of my post.

    I suggest everybody else go visit as well. Good stuff over there.


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