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Robert Leslie Hymers III: Pipsqueak / Weasel

01 June 2010 @ 11:36

Who is this sorry excuse for a man and why have I labeled him thus?

Robert Leslie Hymers III is the son of Robert Leslie Hymers Jr. who is the leader of a Protestant cult named the Open Door Community Churches.  The father is a fanatic of the worst kind who takes the Christian religion to extremes and behaves in such a way that you are compelled to refer to the ODCC as a cult.

As a young teenager, Little Miss Attila was a member of this group.  I’ll let Stacy McCain pick up the story:

When she was a young teenager back in the 1970s, Little Miss Attila spent a few years in a church that she now describes as a cult. That has not endeared her to those who remain within the flock of minister R.L. Hymers Jr., nor has it endeared her to the son of aforesaid minister, who has reported her to the FBI, accusing her of using “religious ‘hate speech’ to harass and stalk my father.”

Yeah. That’s the Christian thing to do — report your former congregation members to the feds.

Being a fundamentalist myself, raised a Baptist and old enough to remember the era — I graduated high school in 1977, the year LMA left the Hymers church — I was shocked to learn some of the methods employed by the “Open Door Community Churches.” Here is a letter the church sent to LMA in December 1977:

You have been excommunicated from the church for sexual sins that you refuse to repent of, and for continually missing church, and for denying Christ.

You have violated your enclosed covenant with God. There is only one way you can get right with God. You must come back to this church, repent, and publicly confess your sins. You cannot go to any other church and be absolved, for, even if they accept you, God will not. You must come back here to repent, even it is fifty years from now. Otherwise you can never be forgiven.

You were excommunicated by a unanimous vote of the membership of the entire church.

“Excommunicated”? Protestants more typically “disfellowship” straying members. This eruption of Catholic terminology in a Baptist church, however, is not the weirdest part. LMA was “excommunicated” for “sexual sins” when she was 14 years old — and evidently after her “sins” (e.g., having been date-raped by a boyfriend) were discussed by the entire congregation!

The way she was treated over the rape by the ODCC should very Muslim to me.

LMA has published the letter from Hymers III and a response here.

As Dan Collins notes:

…It is Joy’s position that the preacher is engaged in programmatic psychological abuse of youngsters, that he has committed and continues to commit. And now, as happens with other cults such as Scientology, Leslie the Younger wishes to instrumentalize the threat of lawsuits and FBI surveillance in order to shut her up.

As you might expect, Joy has sought since her ‘excommunication’ to prevent others from being sucked-in by this fanatical cult.  One of the ways she has done so is by using her site to expose it’s leader and his ‘church’From one of her postings:

When I was in Hymers’ cult it preyed on teenagers, and the lonely. His followers went door to door, flushing out those who might have any sort of emptiness in their lives, and offering human companionship at what probably looked like a real church. He rented houses and apartments under the church’s name and let teenagers and twenty-somethings live in them dorm-style for very little in rent—paid weekly. It made it easy for these young people to leave their families and practice the “total immersion” 24/7 approach to Church life that made it less likely that anyone—especially impressionable youths—would pull away. This brand of “Christianity” separated the individual from his or her work, family, studies, or other commitments. When I lived this life I was in a prayer meeting or Bible study every single night of the week. As the weekend began we had a large, rowdy prayer meeting on Friday night, followed by door-to-door proselytizing on Saturday, and a marathon of services on Sunday: one on the Westside in the morning, one in Hollywood around noon, and one in Echo Park in the evening.

As you can see, they used classic cult tactics.

As you know I rarely ask this kind of thing, but I would ask you know to spread the word in any way you can about what these cultists are trying to do to Joy.  They cannot be allowed to succeed.  Also, let Joy know you’re with her by clicking here.

The Memeorandum thread is here.

  1. 01 June 2010 @ 15:16 15:16

    Actually, it was called Open Door Community Churches when I was in it. Hymers’ current ministry is at the Fundamentalist Baptist Tabernacle in downtown Los Angeles. Other names for Hymers’ organizations over the years: Maranatha Chapel, The Fundamentalist Army.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      01 June 2010 @ 17:15 17:15

      Picky, picky, just like a typical broad.

      • 04 June 2010 @ 01:00 01:00

        Ha! I ought to let the details go, but one of the guys he attacked is an attorney–another Hymers survivor, but NOT MY ATTORNEY, and he does poke his head up into the controversy every now and then. And JSK is the anti-Hymers with respect to honesty, so I actually HEAR about anything inaccurate in the online controversy that might be potentially misleading that I’ve let stand, should he run across it. Add that to my proofreader/fact-checker orientation, and, well . . .

        Thanks for your lavish support, Bob! I have the best blog-friends in the whole world.

        • bobbelvedere permalink*
          04 June 2010 @ 08:56 08:56

          You’re very Welcome, Joy. Let me know of further developments via e-mail and I’ll post about them.

  2. David Chamberlain permalink
    12 July 2011 @ 22:32 22:32

    I was a member of this cult in the late 80’s for a few years. I lived in a couple of the mentioned “christian houses”, as did my wife, before we got married. Once you moved into one of these co-ed “christian houses” the cult leaders would expect for your relationaship with any outside family members to cease, unless they so happen to buy into the teachings and financially contribute. They made you to believe that living in a “christian house” made you a “super christian”.

    I remember well the Friday night “prayer meetings” that were held in the living rooms of these “christian houses”. The leaders of each meeting place would blockaid the doors with large furniture such as a couch or lock the double cylinder deadbolts (that required a key to unlock from the inside), or post large guys s door guards so that no one could leave early. You couldn’t just leave when teh “prayer meeting” was over, you had to stay for an hour or so for “fellowship” time.

    The prayer meetings consisted of them playing a pre-recorded tape of Hymers’ message and then they had about 6 different things they pass the collection around for- the building fund, newspaper ad fund, radio fund, missions fund and and and on. They’d count the money in the back during the meetings and if they deemed it wasn’t enough, they’d
    pass the collection some more.

    If anyone such as Hymers, his sons or any of his zombie follows wants to accuse me of lying, then sue me. My name is David Chamberlain.


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