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‘Angels Of The Antiworld’

31 May 2010 @ 16:20

When everything in society suddenly stops functioning rationally, that’s when the misfits crawl out of the woodwork.  And with them their resentments, their utopian visions, their neuroses and psychoses.  Mad dogs on the loose.  A merry-go-round of feeble minds, free at last of all social fetters.

—Jean Raspail, The Camp Of The Saints, Chapter Forty.

You’ve probably heard about this, but, in case you haven’t, here’s Stacy McCain’s initial report:

Like a scene straight from the pages of Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints, a group of activists calling themselves the “Freedom Flotilla” have attempted — and evidently, failed — to break the Israeli blockade of Hamas-held Gaza:

The Israeli Navy made its first contact with a flotilla carrying hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists and thousands of tons of supplies for Gaza shortly before midnight on Sunday, surprising the boats in international waters, according to activists on one vessel.

Israel has vowed not to let the flotilla reach the shores of Gaza, where the Islamic militant group Hamas holds sway . . .

Named the Freedom Flotilla, and led by the pro-Palestinian Free Gaza Movement and a Turkish organization, Insani Yardim Vakfi, the convoy of six cargo and passenger boats is the most ambitious attempt yet to break Israel’s three-year blockade of Gaza.

Two television stations reported early Monday that Israeli warships had attacked the ships, killing at least two and wounding an unknown number of people on board, according to The Associated Press. . . .

Stacy has renamed it the Flotilla Of Fools [I like to call it the Fat Chance Armada].  He links the site Israelly Cool where Aussie Dave has an exhaustive and well-done report with many links and videos.  A highlight:

While this has the makings of a PR disaster for Israel (which I posit was the whole point of the flotilla in the first place), bear in mind that they were heading to Gaza with unknown contents on board, and are known to support Hamas. Furthermore, army radio reported that passengers tried to grab weapons away from soldiers boarding , starting the violence.

It has now been confirmed that the passengers did commit some rather heinous acts against the IDF.  I urge you to take the time to read AD’s full posting.

Stacy has a second posting up that includes information of the radical Muslim organization that organized the Fat Chance Armada.

Gator Doug cuts right to the bone with his summation of the motives of those in the Armada:

…This is about destroying Israel, this is about aiding terrorists.

As to the reaction in the Blogosphere, John Doe is spot-on:

…Events like this bring out the Israeli haters. Many of them are liberals….

Several have been leaving comments at Stacy’s site and one, a musician named Ken Nicol, has hit both Stace’s site and Gator Doug’s.


To save you some embarrassment if you decide to spread your vile thoughts here: My father’s a Northerner [of full Italian descent] and my mother’s a Southerner [Scots-Irish, English, German, Cherokee].  I don’t have a drop of Jewish blood in me, but I wish I did.

Doug Ross has a very exhaustive report posted with tons of video.[tip of the fedora to Donald Douglas]  Great job, Doug.

In the posting cited above, Aussie Dave also excerpts these spot-on comments by Bernard-Henri Levy, Jewish/French philosopher and author:

…Bernard-Henri Levy said, “Much can and should be learned from Israel.”

Addressing the French-Israeli conference on democracy in Tel Aviv Sunday, Levy said, “I’ve covered many wars, and I’ve never seen an army that asks itself so many questions related to morals.”

As for Israel’s status in the international community, the French philosopher said, “There is a demonization campaign against Israel all over the world.

“In a region where dictatorships and truly fascist regimes rule, Israel represents an island of democracy. Zionism is the only movement that has not failed and turned into a caricature. It is the only movement that has preserved its spirit,” he told the conference.

“Israel is a miracle because since its inception it has been in a constant state of war, yet it never gave up on the democratic values at its core,” according to Levy.

Dead solid perfect.

Am Israel Chai!
[The People of Israel Live!]

  1. 31 May 2010 @ 16:38 16:38

    The Eurotards got what was coming to them. God bless Israel!

  2. Moshe Ben Avram permalink
    31 May 2010 @ 17:42 17:42

    This is something I’am totally in agreement with with Mr. Belvedere. I am Jewish and the days of the ghetto Jew, Shylock and the legendary Wandering Jew are over. You slap us and we will not turn the other cheek, we will rip your head off. For all the Jew haters around the world, take heed. If you want a piece of our Jewish ass, you’d best be prepared to die for it.

  3. Mrs. Kissell permalink
    03 June 2010 @ 14:00 14:00

    “When everything in society suddenly stops functioning rationally, that’s when the misfits crawl out of the woodwork. And with them their resentments, their utopian visions, their neuroses and psychoses. Mad dogs on the loose. A merry-go-round of feeble minds, free at last of all social fetters.”

    This references a phenomenon exercising my mind of late: that we are seeing world-wide ascendancy of the creatures of the netherworld: trolls, ogres, nibelungen, yakshis, yakshas, witches, warlocks, lumpenprolen, ogresses, etc. They are the anti-humans, of races actually pre-or sub-human. Their purpose in life is to make trouble, cause hardship, incite fear and uncertainty, spread terror and destruction.

    With the victory of scientific humanism over the western nations starting from the 18th century (the same century that saw the start of Wahhabism, meant specifically to counter the influence of scientific humanism/The Enlightenment) and completed by the late 19th century, with its alluvium spread out through the 20th century and now into the 21st, awareness of races not human intermixing at least socially — and not infrequently biologically — with components (ethnicities) of the human race is deliberately suppressed.

    This makes individuals and groups blind to and systemically confused by attacks against them, and their labors of construction, by the non-human races mixed in with them. Self-induced ignorance (aka scientific humanism) has brought forth a crisis which threatens to overwhelm the world. Only Saints and Sages can see the way out of this one, and even they lack power sufficient to avert the crisis. God Himself is needed, on the ground, directing operations. And in support, develop we must Saints and Sages and Beauty abundant.


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