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How About A Little Breather…

29 May 2010 @ 17:52


We all need a little breather.  And, hey, it’s Saturday Night and the lumpwort lickspittles of the Leftist god are off doing whatever it is pathetic parasites do in their sorry-ass social lives, so let’s kick back and relax a bit…

-I especially think we all need a break this Memorial Day Weekend from the loathsome limp-wristed lilliputian lilac [Oooo…that’s good if I do say so myself] in The White House.

-Let me start off with a question to mr readers…am I a bad person: the first thought that entered my head when I heard the cause of Gary Coleman’s death was ‘Ah, it was a different stroke’.

–Just a reminder: over at Eye Of Polyphemus, Jamie Jeffords has been doing the real men of America [and Elena Kagan] a grand favor this month by presenting his All Time Favorite Hottest Female Celebrities.  Jamie’s been doing one for each day in the month of May, so he has almost completed his quest.  Number Four was Jessica Simpson which shows Mr. Jeffords has good taste and means you won’t be disappointed if you had on over to his shack.  Click here to get ‘em all.

-All right…let’s start off with a little music from Grandmaster Paco: put on your happy feet you cool cats and let’s get swingin’ with Gene Taylor playing his version of Pinetop’s Boogie-Woogie.

-Now it’s time to dip once again into Hoh River Boy’s catalogue over at the Washington Rebel to find us something appropriate for these tumultuous times and it doesn’t take your old platter popper to discover we Won’t Get Fooled Again.

-While you’re over at WR and enjoying not being fooled again, check out mdd’s tribute to John Wayne, Day O’ The Duke, who was born on 26 May 1907.  Here’s one of The Duke’s bits o’ wisdom:

A man’s got to have a code, a creed to live by, no matter his job.

Damn straight.

-Since we’ve played one song from the blokes from Sheppard’s Bush, why not a few more?  Thankfully, Donald Douglas is a Who fan and provides us with a great live version of Pinball Wizard [and, as a bonus, throws in Elton John’s version].

-While you jammin’ that pinball, check out some lovely pictures of Sela Ward that The Prof has posted [he’s the man who put ‘order’ in restraining order, after all].

-Let’s slow things down for a bit: over at Smash Mouth Politics, John thinks it’s nice enough out that we all should be Sittin’ By The Dock Of The Bay and, to make the experience even sweeter, he has Doutzen Kroes waiting for us there to help us waste some time.

-Keeping things tamped down for a little while longer, Hoh River Boy, in his quiet and unassuming way, asks Have You Ever Seen The Rain? [of course, you know that he was Born On The Bayou].

-Here’s some good Spring/Summer reading: Miss Cellania has list the thirty-one Things I Learned From The Movies.  Here are a few to whet your whistle [tip of the fedora to Paco]:

5. The ventilation system of any building is a perfect hiding place. No one will ever think of looking for you in there and you can travel to any other part of the building without difficulty.

14. Medieval peasants had perfect teeth.

15. All single women have a cat.

Regarding that last one: don’t they?

-We’re in the home stretch now…time to kick it up to 11.

-It’s Saturday Night.  Actually, it’s Saturday Night on a holiday weekend and, I don’t know about you, but I want a whole lotta woman ’cause that’s the only thing that will ease my worried mind.  Now, luckily, Gator Doug’s providing a Whole Lotta Rosie.  But I get the feelin’ that GD’s going to be hanging on to her by the love handles, so here’s a whole lotta woman, Miss Ashley Graham:

Never had a woman – Never had a woman like you
Doing all the things – Doing all the things you do
Ain’t no fairy story – Ain’t no skin and bone
But you give it all you got – Weighing in at fourteen stone

-Tonight’s a night to dance and party and enjoy ourselves before we pay solemn tribute on Monday to our fallen warriors, so I’m going to leave you with two songs that can even make a corpse get up and dance…


-Here’s one you may not know, but is, in your humble DJ’s opinion, the greatest hellraiser of all time:

  1. BamaBoy permalink
    29 May 2010 @ 23:53 23:53

    What is with this (apparently commonly accepted) belief that Ashley Graham is large, fat, chubby, plus-sized or whatever you want to call it? True, compared to the standard anorexic model she’s a little bigger, and she might have been considered large 70 or 80 years ago, but have you looked around America today at the women, particularly in the last 20 years? Fitness craze my a**! I think the average woman has doubled in weight since the 80s. I guarantee Ashley’s significantly below the average. If you dropped her off at a Wal-Mart in Alabama on a Saturday afternoon, she would immediately be rushed to the hospital to be treated for possible starvation or malnutrition, in as much as she would be the skinniest adult woman there by at least 100 pounds.

    • 30 May 2010 @ 07:45 07:45

      Ashley looks healthy and fit. The women BamaBoy refers to are fat. Sloppy, saggy, and wearing clothes that might look fine on Ashley – or a 15yo hardbelly – but the ‘average woman’ insists on wearing them 2 sizes too small, so you get a nice look at panty lines, cottage-cheese butts, and ‘muffin tops.’ Is this the norm just in the South? We used to joke about the corn-fed women where I’m from, but the younger farm women weren’t fat, they’re muscular and fit like Ashley!

      • bobbelvedere permalink*
        30 May 2010 @ 17:56 17:56

        Sadly KC, it is the norm EVERYWHERE in America these days. The key point about weight that I always try to get across is: it is not the pounds, but how you wear it. I fully believe that one’s personality gets reflected in one’s looks. An example: Kirsten Powers at first glance is physically quite attractive, but, after a few minutes watching her, you stop thinking of her as beautiful because she is such a dreary sad-sack Leftist. An opposite example: S.E. Cupp, who is not physically the most good-looking gal, but whose joy-filled personality radiates from every pore.

        • BlondeLeadingTheBlonde permalink
          30 May 2010 @ 18:41 18:41

          I would agree wholeheartedly with your premise, but I must vehemently disagree with your choice of example. S.E. Cupp not physically the most good-looking gal? She is smokin’, I would have given my left nut to date her, and that was before I found out that she is also an awesome human being. She’s easily as physically attractive as Powers, if not more so, although admittedly I prefer brunettes to blondes. There’s just no accounting for taste, I suppose.

          On the other hand, maybe I’m proving your point by retroactively adding/subtracting attractiveness points in my subconscious after knowing what they are like as people. Nah. Cupp is Hott.


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