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Rule 6

26 May 2010 @ 20:42

Stacy McCain has added a new rule to his How To Get A Million Hits On Your Blog tablets  It was inspired by reader/commentator David and the utter douchebaggery of one Will Folks.

The background…

The Kind of Blog Post That You’re Thankful Someone Else Wrote

Nikki Haley Is Now Nationally Famous for Not — Not — Having Sex With a Blogger

Deuce Bigalow, Blogger Gigolo: Latest Developments in the Folks-Haley Saga; BUMPED: ‘Dangerous and Unreliable’

OMG: Did You See What Haley Accuser Will Folks Wrote About Ashley Herzog?

CNN: ‘There Is Nothing in the Correspondence Proving Folks’ Claim That He Had an “Inappropriate Physical Relationship” with Haley’

That’s the story so far.  If you’ve read the above postings, you pretty much can see that this Will Folks fellow is as I described him.

Robert The Stacy has come down again from Mount TOM on the plains of Maryland and delivered a Sixth Rule.  He spoketh thus to the Hitters of The Tip Jar: 

Six shall be the number of this rule, and the number of the rule shall be six.  Seven shalt not be thy rule number; neither shall five which is already taken and used for melons in the groves of the Interwebs.  Eight is right out.  The rule is six and this number shall applyeth to Will of Folks who, being naughty in my sight, shall be as the bags of douches in fields of the Southern-most Caroline.  Hitteth the damn’ed Tip Jar!

The Book Of The Hits of Mill-Lion, 6:9

And later he spoke in the modern tongue of the latter day Americans, so that all on the right side of the Blogosphere may understand his meaning:

Nobody ever sets out to become Der Fuhrer of the Axis of Douchebags, but just as with CJ and his minions at LGF, there are commenters at Will Folks’ blog telling him, “Yeah, buddy! You go get that Nikki Haley! You show her who’s boss!”

This incites Folks to keep wandering down the road to ultimate douchebaggery and the momentary spike in traffic — caused by people curious to see what manner of absurdity Folks will publish next — will be followed in due course by the predictable Hindenburg-at-Lakehurst flameout.

Congratulations, Will Folk, on becoming the inspiration for Rule 6 of How to Get a Million Hits: Don’t Be a Complete Douchebag.

And then the prophet returned to his tent wherein his wife pelted him with unpaid bills.

Herewith, endeth the lesson.

Go in peace.

  1. 26 May 2010 @ 22:06 22:06

    Hilarity ensued.

  2. 26 May 2010 @ 23:29 23:29

    And so it came to pass.

  3. 27 May 2010 @ 00:38 00:38

    I leave the room for THREE SECONDS and look what happens. You freaking right wing nut jobs commence to changing the rules…

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 May 2010 @ 07:38 07:38

      We’re on a mission from Gawd.

  4. 27 May 2010 @ 07:39 07:39

    I am the droid you seek…

  5. 27 May 2010 @ 08:27 08:27

    Geez Robot! Get with the program already! 😉

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 May 2010 @ 08:31 08:31

      He’s an older model with less memory than the new ones the Tyrell Corporation is making these days.

  6. 08 August 2012 @ 18:09 18:09

    Well, I’m not sure here:
    “Don’t Be a Complete Douchebag”
    Is it OK to be a partial douchebag?

    • 08 August 2012 @ 19:21 19:21

      We’re all sinners, so I suppose it can’t be helped, eh?


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