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The Fedora Went Down To Georgia

25 May 2010 @ 14:49

DaTechguy, the Rightosphere’s most dogged blog reporter, has made it to Georgia to cover the race in the 4th Congressional District.

As is usual when DTG is on the scene, we’re getting both written reports, photos, and videos.

Here’s an aggregation of his reporting so far:

Calling all Atlanta area Conservative bloggers

Fedora now in Dixie

Voices of Georgia: Rochelle of Boston.  This is is the first video interview DTG conducted and, wouldn’t you know it, the gal’s originally from Bosstown, which is near where DTG lives.

Breakfast in America Mamie’s Kitchen ga-4.  A highlight:

One final thing that all the people I met had in common. I liked them. They are good people and I think every one of them would be a neighbor I’d like living on my street.

A talk with the Crossroads News. DaTechguy talks over the race with owner Jennifer Parker of the CrossRoads News.

Voices of Ga-4 my pal Vinnie.

A few photos from tonight.  Pics from the candidate’s forum he attended.

Voices from Ga: Angela Moore

-You can follow DaTechguy’s reporting from GA-4 specifically by clicking here.

Pete, you’re doing your usual great job.  Much appreciated.

-For a different perspective, another member of The Axis Of Fedora, Stacy McCain has posted on the GA-4.  A highlight:

Yankees Invade Georgia — Again!

Da Tech Guy is on the prowl this week near my hometown of Atlanta, but I made him promise to leave his matches in Massachusetts. Of course, Atlanta’s been utterly overrun with Yankees in the past few decades — I blame air-conditioning, interstate highways and Hartsfield Airport — and it figures that the first person Da Tech Guy interviewed in Georgia would be from Boston.

Hey, Stace, if we were really invading again, you’d know it because you’d be hearing the howls all the way back up in Maryland.

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