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Debbie Schlussel Is A Sideshow Freak, Part 004

20 May 2010 @ 14:16

Mzzz Debbie Schlussel is suffering from a particularly severe case of Charles Johnsification Syndrome [CJS]. as you will learn by clicking here and reading about Bob Belvedere’s dealings with her.

You may not have heard of CJS, but you probably know it by the popular name it’s victims are called: Sideshow Freaks.

In order to bring about greater awareness of this devastating mental illness, here is another UNCOPYRIGHTED picture of Debbie Schlussel: Sideshow Freak [you may view all of the previous, uncopyrighted ones by clicking here].

Dr. Clyde ‘Fingers’ Proctor, OB-ASS

Without further adieu…

Pictured: Debbie Schlussel in her bedroom crying after the man she picked up in a bar refused to sleep with her.  He had, apparently, sobered up and discovered that Mzzz. Schlussel is bats–t crazy and was whipped with an ugly stick.  Eventually, via the Internet and e-mail, word got around to all the men of the world that she was a Sideshow Freak, so Debbie Schlussel was forced to look for mates in the animal kingdom where she has found fulfillment with pond scum.

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