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Fooling Ourselves To Death

18 May 2010 @ 14:40

Barack Hussein Obama’s Auntie Tutti-Frutti-All-Rooty…er, Auntie Looney Tooney…er, Auntie Spittoony…ah, Auntie How-High-Is-The-Moony…damn,  Auntie Andy Rooney…oh Jesus, Auntie Zeituni [phew!] has been granted asylum in the United States by an immigration court judge, in a reversal of the 2004 order to deport her.

I’ve heard a lot of commentary on this both pro and con and I was thinking the whole situation over in my mind as to whether I could contribute some interesting commentary on it, but two others have already, I’ve found, expressed my thoughts, one in prose, the other in poetry…

First, the poetry:

Auntie Zeituni’s Amnesty
By Asher Embry

Surprise, surprise, as we now see
Obama’s aunt gets amnesty.
Get used to what’ll be the norm
When O’s amigos get “Reform.”
One down. It won’t be long before
O tries the same for millions more.

And now the prose by the king of the cynical bastards, my hero, John Derbyshire [worth quoting in full]:

Barack Obama’s aunt Zeituni Onyango has gamed the immigration system. This follows her decade-long gaming of the municipal welfare system in Boston. (She has been living in public housing since 2003, and has done part-time work for the Housing Authority, in spite of having been living in the country unlawfully since 2002, and having actually been ordered deported in 2004.)

Plainly U.S. immigration laws mean nothing. Plainly a deportation order carries no risk of actual deportation. Plainly Boston welfare rules favor well-connected foreigners — even ones living here illegally — over needy citizens.

Plainly we Americans are the fools of the world.

Indeed, we are — and the laughingstocks, but, hey, we’ve got a clown in The White House.

Send in the clown,
Don’t bother…he’s here….

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  1. 19 May 2010 @ 07:18 07:18

    Got that one covered as well with a side of unrelated yet still very bad poetry.

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