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The Righteous Rant Of The Day…

17 May 2010 @ 14:46

…is awarded to Chris Wysocki, Boss of the WyBlog family, for his fully justified anger upon learning that the Senate GOP are going to take a dive again after one round:

Senator Jon Kyl takes Kagan filibuster off the table

But not to worry, the Republicans are determined to pepper her with tough questions.

Oooh, I’ll bet she’s quaking in her sensible shoes.

Listen up you spineless sorry-ass excuses for guardians of the Constitution, what part of Elena Kagan is a Socialist, Marxist, radical nutjob is unclear?

She is anti-military, anti-gun, anti-free-speech, and yes I’ll say it, anti-American.

Tough questions? Is that all the Republican Senate leadership can bring to the table?…

Yes, yes I believe it is all those sorry-arse excuses for conservatives can bring to the table — that is, if they can find the right damn table.

SIDENOTE: Doug Ross gives us a ninety-second version of Elena Kagan’s college thesis that backs up what Chris is foaming at the mouth over.  Like Doug says:

Call your Senators and demand they filibuster Elena Kagan. Call the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee and demand they block Kagan’s nomination.

A lifetime appointment for a crypto-Marxist is beyond the pale.

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