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Rally ‘Round The Flag: A Politics Of Victory

17 May 2010 @ 11:53

An occasional feature designed to buck-up the Wolverines as they battle to defeat the forces of Absurdistan…

In a very well-done mini-essay over at The Other McCain, Stacy McCain looks at the Right’s, especially the GOP’s, use of the New Media.  In the course of it, he makes this very important point [emphasis mine]:

On the other hand, the Ricochet home page describes their mission as “center-right conversation” and “center-right” is a term I loathe like God hates sin. It smuggles into our discourse the misbegotten conception of a political “center” that is an obsolete legacy of Arthur Schlessinger – a liberal who, in the aftermath of the GOP’s 1946 takeover of the House, sought to define centrism and moderation in terms advantageous to liberals.

“Center-right” may or may not be a Laodicean formula for spineless, unprincipled compromise, but it is certainly not the kind of fighting creed that summons bold spirits to rally ’round and drive the enemy from the field of battle. Conservatives don’t need a Politics of Negotiation with liberalism – am I the only one who remembers how that “change the tone” and “compassionate conservatism” stuff worked out for Dubya? – we need a Politics Of Victory that sends liberalism fleeing for the hills.

I think most of you understand that in your heart of hearts, but ol’Stacy can turn a phrase, can’t he.

There can be no negotiation with the Left.  How can you negotiate with those who want to tear down and destroy everything this country stands for and still look at yourself in the mirror?  A long time ago, the Left declared a war to death with the idea of America.  Slowly and insidiously they have been invading every institution and implementing policies that have been undermining the Founding.  In the months since 20 January 2009, what we’ve witnessed is them merely doing it brazenly out in the open.

We are awake to the fact that a great malevolence pervades the land.  Our task must be to make our fellow Americans wake up and smell the offal.  We have to work especially hard to make the GOP Establishment smell the stench.  As Stacy writes:

…Republicans need to abandon the kind of buttoned-down politeness that requires them to pretend that the Democratic Party is motivated by a genuine desire for the public good when they are, in fact, the Evil Coalition of Liars and Fools. (Hint: You will become an honest Democrat when you become an ex-Democrat, admitting you have been a Fool deceived by Liars.)

We also have to get down in the trenches if we are able and be prepared for no personal glory to come from it.  Stacy again:

The “thankless grunt work” aspect of politics noted…is something Ronald Reagan addressed:

“You can accomplish much, if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

It has been my pleasure over the years to become acquainted with many of those whose uncredited labors helped accomplish the Reagan Revolution, and I know the truth of that saying.

We have to put our shoulders to the grindstone and get active in what ever way we are able to.

Also, we have let the Left frame the discussion in their terms for too long, as K-Bob points out in Comment #2 in Stacy’s posting.  He uses a very good example: the Right will often let the Left’s term ‘the immigration problem’ serve as a substitute for what it really is: illegal immigration.  A is A, and we should enforce that supreme law.

We have to get up and stand up for our rights.  We have to get up and stand up and not give up the fight.  We have to keep our eyes on the prize and hold on.  We have to pursue a Politics Of Victory and give no quarter to the Left.

  1. 17 May 2010 @ 12:35 12:35

    Well stated. Middle of the road is where the cars are. Stand there and you will get hit… from both directions.

    Just look at the squishy standard bearers of the “Center-Right:” Christopher Buckley (a poor shadow of his great father), David Brooks (only at the NY Times could this guy be considered conservative), and the middliest muddled middler of all, David Frum.

    Three blind mice.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      17 May 2010 @ 13:26 13:26

      I like it: THREE BLIND MICE.


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