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PA-12 Is A Dead-Heat, Like John Murtha [Updated Below]

17 May 2010 @ 13:54

Stacy McCain brings us the news that things have gotten mighty close in the tracking polls in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District Special Election to replace the late, dead, and heated John ‘Make Me An Offer’ Murtha.

He’s done a fine aggregation of analysis and commentary, and has listed links to every one of the eighteen [!] postings he’s done on the race so far.

From the posting:

To get the latest updates on the campaign, check #PA12 on Twitter, and you can also follow @TimothyBurns or his campaign’s outreach coordinator,  Angela Lash (@Lash3). Anyone who wants to help with the Republican campaign can visit, or e-mail the campaign or call 814-619-3414.

UPDATE at 1717…

Stacy’s done another posting on PA-12.  This time he covers the support and help Tim Burns is receiving from a very special lady:

Just got off the phone with Angela Lash, outreach coordinator for Tim Burns, who tells me that Arizona “Gold Star Mom” Debbie Lee — whose Navy SEAL son was killed Iraq — has been going door-to-door campaigning with the Republican candidate in Pennsylvania’s 12th District.

“I was on the campaign trail this weekend with Tim Burns who is running for Murtha’s old seat,” Ms. Lee said in a statement. “He is running against Critz who worked with Murtha for years and was part of the back room deals and shady earmarks. . . . I was honored to fly from Arizona and campaign with Burns, a candidate who understands and will uphold the Constitution and who recognizes the sacrifices our troops make and will stand by them and their families. He brings hope and a freshness to the voters in PA.”

It’s never wise to argue with a Navy mom [my aunt is one], even more foolish to argue with the mother of a Navy Seal.

  1. roxeannedeluca permalink
    17 May 2010 @ 13:57 13:57

    PA-12 is a dead heat. Murtha is cold. Just a little matter of temperature….

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      17 May 2010 @ 16:40 16:40

      Sorry to disagree, Roxe: where Johnny is, ain’t cold IYKWIMAITYD.

      • Roxeanne de Luca permalink
        18 May 2010 @ 17:11 17:11

        Purgatory? [blinks]


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