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How About A Little Breather…

15 May 2010 @ 18:26

We all need a little breather.  And, hey, it’s Saturday Night and the lumpwort lickspittles of the Leftist god are off doing whatever it is pathetic parasites do in their sorry-ass social lives, so let’s kick back and relax a bit…

-Consider this the All Things Music Edition.

-If you’re a real man, you associate music with women, so before we begin the music links, here’s a link to Jamie Jeffords who has been doing the red-blooded men of America [and Elena Kagan] a grand favor this month by presenting his All Time Favorite Hottest Female Celebrities.  Since this is May, there are going to be a total of thirty-one of them [thank you Jamie from all of us guys].  He got off to a very auspicious start with Susannah Hoffs [he has different and better pictures]:

‘…And them there eyes’

She may be the prettiest gal to ever wield an axe.

You can see them all by clicking here.

-We’re just getting started and Donald Douglas is Already Gone

-It’s not a surprise, though, because at his juke-joint, American Power, there’s always a Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On.

-Be warned, however: if you get yourself over there, you may catch that buzz ’cause Love Is The Drug.

-During National Offend A Feminist Week, I made the stunning and inarguable case for repealing the 19th Amendment.  But because I’ve taken that courageous and dangerous-to-my-physicial-well-being stand, doesn’t mean I don’t still head over to Suffragette City, located in Little Miss Attila’s basement, to enjoy some Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars.

-I’m amazed that, after all these years of hanging out at LMA’s, All The Young Girls Love Alice still.

-Be careful if you leave her establishment at the same time I do because I’m a wicked man when I’m in my car and, as The Reaganite Republican warns, you could find yourself Under My Wheels.

-Now I know that some of you all are not into The Devil’s Music…be not afraid [where have I heard that before?], if you take a short helicopter hop from your pad over to the Hoh River Boy’s shack in Washington Rebel territory you can enjoy the sophisticated swing of Glenn Miller and Fletcher Henderson, and the manic modulations of Cab Calloway.

-After enjoying a few rounds, you might want to keep the jazz jumpin’ by catching Victor Young and his boys doing the Tiger Rag over at Paco’s Hideaway.

– A great way to end you evening out is to stroll on down to Pundit & Pundette’s Stardust Lounge and catch Francis Albert’s last song.  If you’re a swingin’ chick, he may look in your baby blues and tell you I Only Have Eyes For You.

-Once you’ve gotten bad to your pad you might want to catch-up on your reading by pursuing this article by the New York Post’s Tyler Gray on the making of the Rolling Stone’s classic album Exile On Main Street:

On May 16, Universal is reissuing “Exile” in several forms: an 18-track CD; a deluxe edition with 10 previously unreleased songs; and a super-deluxe package with vinyl, a 30-minute documentary DVD and a 50-page photo book.

This is one of the greatest Rock And Roll albums ever produced and, perhaps, the greatest monument to R ‘N’ R decadence ever created.

As you read this well-done expose, why not enjoy my favorite track…

Hell…let’s roll some Tumblin’ Dice

  1. 15 May 2010 @ 19:10 19:10

    Exile is always a good choice.

  2. 15 May 2010 @ 19:44 19:44

    Linked at My Numb Robot.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      15 May 2010 @ 20:28 20:28

      Thank you – You may have an extra can of lubricating oil this weekend.

  3. 15 May 2010 @ 19:49 19:49

    We all need a (heavy?) breather… indeed

    And Exile on Main Street is a masterpiece of masterpieces… now there’s a rock-n-roll album (or two)

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      16 May 2010 @ 16:54 16:54

      We all need someone we can dream on…

  4. 15 May 2010 @ 19:56 19:56

    Great Minds Think Alike… or one of us should be worried.

  5. 16 May 2010 @ 19:58 19:58



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