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Stacy McCain Declares Kagan Will Be ‘Gayest SCOTUS Evah!’ [Updated Below]

10 May 2010 @ 09:54

Robert Stacy McCain, reporter and provocateur, believes that President Barack Hussein Obama’s [Injun name: He Who May Pump The Peter] impending nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court Of The United States means that there will now be a SCOTUS Justice who will be gayer than Oliver Wendell Holmes, Anthony Kennedy, and David Souter were [all right, all right, I did get a bit carried away there: Justice Kennedy is actually just a mamby pamby momma’s boy and one of the first official metrosexuals in America].

As to Stacy’s motives, one can only guess.  Perhaps you can discern one from this excerpt:

…Does anyone care what I think of Elena Kagan’s judicial philosophy? No, but they’ll scour every corner of the Internet for “Elena Kagan lesbian” or “Elena Kagan gay,” and it’s been months since I’ve had a Google-bomb winner like that. (If you’re looking for “Elena Kagan nude” or “Elena Kagan sex video,” you’re pathetic and disgusting, but traffic is traffic.)

For some reason, while conservatives are mostly indifferent toward Kagan’s gayness, the Obama administration has acted as if it were a huge scandal….

…Legal analysis isn’t my specialty. I’m just a blogger trying to make a buck.


Don’t hate me for being a capitalist.

I quote from and link to; you decide. 

I’ll also provide the BRAIN BLEACH.

SIDENOTE: In a update to his posting Stacy writes:

Hands off my Google-bomb, Donald Douglas!

There’s a reason I refer to the good professor as Donald ‘Restraining Order’ Douglas.

UPDATE at 1125…

-DaTechguy examines the silence of the Leftist lambs on Miss Kagen’s sexual preference:

If this is something “everyone knows” the fact that the media won’t and hasn’t said it is very telling. The media has constantly bombarded us with the proposition that Homosexuality in all its forms should be embraced and even celebrated by society. Yet, if this is true, the historic nature of this nomination the “breakthrough” is not being touched. Not even being alluded to.

Why is this the case? In my opinion three reasons…

Please do take the time to click here and check out DTG’s fine reasoning.

-Stacy McCain was kind enough to link me [You linked me!  You really linked me!], but thinks I ‘covet’ his Google-bomb.  Let me state for the record that I do not covet Stacy’s Google-bomb.  I structured my posting so that all of the Google-Bomb glory would go to RSM. Just another selfless act by Robert ‘Bob’ Belvedere, member-in-good-standing VRWC, whose motives are the purest…

For Duty & Humanity!

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