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Offend A Feminist: Repealing The 19th Amendment

05 May 2010 @ 21:01

It’s National Offend A Feminist Week as declared by Dr. Robert Stacy McCain.

A gal’s got to make herself useful on the golf course.

WARNING: Portions of the following comments by Robert ‘Bob’ Belvedere may offend not only feminists, but the non-feminist women out there in The Ether.

-In addition to arguing for the repeal of the 16th [income tax imposed] and 17th [Senators popularly elected] Amendments to The Constitution, I believe that the 19th [guaranteeing the right of women to vote] should be overturned.  Some reasons why follow in no particular order…

=The great John Derbyshire lists some of the reasons:

[Because] women favor the Left; that increasing feminization of society is therefore bad for conservatism; that such feminization is in fact happening; and that therefore We Are Doomed.

=Women tend to not research the issues, instead making their decisions based on their perception of the character of the candidate.

=Women are the lionesses protecting their cubs and will, therefore, tend heavily to vote in favor of measures designed by the government to protect us from ourselves.

=John Lott did the research and found out that ‘as the percentage of women voting increased, the amount of per capita governmental spending rose as well, at faster rates than it did in states where women were prohibited from voting….’

=As Don Corleone said:

Women and children can afford to be careless, but not men.

That’s because God put the weight of the world on our shoulders after you dames tricked us with that apple.  So, stay under my roof and out of the voting booth.

=While I could flesh out my reasoning here and spend many paragraphs justifying my position [and dazzling you with my deep grasp of Right Reason], I’ve worked a long day.  So, why don’t you go and pour me a nice shot of my favorite bourbon, baby, and bring my slippers while you’re at it.

The Ladies: ‘Please, Please Help us!’
Cool Guy: ‘Don’t you worry your pretty little heads, lay-dees.’

-Over at The Pirate’s Cove, William Teach has decided to annoy, vex, nettle, miff, and gall feminists with five images.

The Classic Liberal has done it once again and presented us with a great aggregation designed to irritate every Feminazi.

-Over at The Other McCain, Smitty may be giving in to the feminsitas.  They gyno-boarded him and he shows us the three videos they used.

-John Doe at Smash Mouth Politics recalls the incident that led to his one-man campaign against the feminist flow.

-Richard, the Brad Pitt of Three Beers Later, once again defends the feministas and lets another one cackle on and on:

Wednesday’s entry response to the regrettable Offend a Feminist Week attempts to broaden the horizons of our conservative readership through the words of Maria Marisa Dolores Bonita Gonsalves Herrera, Ph.D., Chair of Hispanic Gender Studies at UC Santa Barbara. Dr, Herrera is notable among the UCSB faculty as the only Ph.D candidate they were afraid to ask to defend her thesis….

-Every man needs a maid…

  1. 06 May 2010 @ 09:28 09:28

    Two things: if people are voting and are uninformed, the best way to combat that is to have some sort of pre-voting test on the issues. (If that were to happen, no Democrat would ever take office again.)

    Also, married women tend to vote like men; the gender gap disappears when women are married, have kids, own a home, and have a 401(k). Maybe the better solution is to kick young men in the butt and tell them that the future of our great Republic depends on them settling down with a nice woman.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      06 May 2010 @ 09:33 09:33

      Agreed and agreed. Now Roxeanne…about that drink and my slippers: I’m still waiting…

      • 06 May 2010 @ 13:42 13:42

        I wouldn’t dare usurp Mrs. Belvedere’s wifely privileges by stealing the honour of bringing you a drink and your slippers, then offering you a nice backrub while you blog. I’m sorry, I just can’t stab her in the back like that.

        • bobbelvedere permalink*
          06 May 2010 @ 14:26 14:26

          Well then, make yourself useful and clean then polish my car.

        • bobbelvedere permalink*
          06 May 2010 @ 14:29 14:29

          By the way: I have been unable to get on your site for two days straight. I’ve been getting messages like this one I just got:

          Network Error (tcp_error)

          A communication error occurred: “Operation timed out”
          The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time.

  2. 06 May 2010 @ 16:13 16:13

    1. I thought that cars were man things. Crikey, next you’re going to ask me to grill some steak and do a kegstand. That would be your manly domain, not mine.

    [Yes, we’re completely omitting the fact that I change my own oil and brakepads, as well as do some miscellaneous car maintenance myself. This is your turn to shine.)

    2. I haven’t been able to get onto my site for a week. 😦 Sigh!

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      06 May 2010 @ 16:50 16:50

      1) If you notice I did not ask you do do maintenance on my Jeep – that is man’s work. I merely asked you to clean and wax the damn thing. Jesus Christ and General jackson, you dames don’t listen.

      2) Who is your site host?

      3) I make my wife do most of the grilling. I only do the difficult grill jobs, naturally. She also runs the snow plow [and likes it!]. It’s funny to watch her out there amongst all the guys in the ‘hood with their plows [which she calls their ‘penises’]. All of this allows me to concentrate on important matters like saving the country.

      • 07 May 2010 @ 14:13 14:13

        1. Next time, at least swear by Gen. Lee.

        2. Not sure; Eric Odom runs the blogivists network.

        3. So Mrs. Belvedere gets the steak, slow-roasted ribs, and pig, and you only grill the kittens?


        • bobbelvedere permalink*
          07 May 2010 @ 17:30 17:30

          Ah Ha! I knew you were too good to be true! You’re a goddamn dog person.

        • Roxeanne de Luca permalink
          08 May 2010 @ 13:29 13:29

          I have the cutest dog on the planet. Really, she’s ridiculously adorable.

          I messaged Eric on FB but have not heard from him. Sigh.

          Might take you up on the guest-blogging offer.

        • bobbelvedere permalink*
          07 May 2010 @ 17:46 17:46

          It’s seems as though Mr. Odom has disappeared off the face of The Ether. I don’t belong to Facebook, but he has a page there. Have you tried contacting him?

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      06 May 2010 @ 23:29 23:29

      By the way…you’re more than welcome to post here until you site is back up and running.


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