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Candidate Of The Restoration: Tim Burns [Part II] [Updated Below]

05 May 2010 @ 14:47

Stacy McCain has lit the torch up on Trimont Hill:

PA-12: Calling All Tea Party People! Volunteers Needed in Pennsylvania

Just got off the phone with Angela Lash of the Tim Burns for Congress campaign and she says they’ve already got teams of volunteers coming in from Virginia, Maryland and Ohio. But it looks like they’ll need all the help they can get because — with less than two weeks to go before the May 18 special election — Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post just raised the stakes:

While the special elections in Pennsylvania’s 12th district and Hawaii’s 1st district — set for May 18 and May 22, respectively — are both important markers in the race for control of the House this fall, the Keystone State race to replace the late Rep. John Murtha (D) matters more when it comes to analyzing the overall political environment. . . .

Pennsylvania goes before Hawaii and primacy matters in these sorts of things. A loss by Democrats in Pennsylvania would prime the pump for a series of “Are Democrats headed for disaster?” stories if Djou goes on to win for days later. If Democrats can win in Pennsylvania though, they are far more able to withstand a loss in Hawaii — writing it off to local rather than national politics. . . .

[I]t’s clear that Pennsylvania’s special election is the more true national referendum of the two May races. It’s why spending by the two national parties is already over $1.1 million and nearly certain to grow considerably in the final 13 days of the race.

And, it’s why every political eyeball in the country will be focused on southwestern Pennsylvania on May 18.

So there you have it. If Tea Party people want to make a difference — to help write those “Democrat disaster” headlines Cilizza is worried about — then it’s time to visit, or e-mail the campaign or call 814-619-3414.

Stacy has been following this race very closely and the link to his posting above also contains a listing of all of his previous postings in the race.

Please click here and read my previous posting on the candidate.

Here’s the Memeorandum thread.

UPDATE at 1657…

-Stacy also posted about the race over at AmSpecBlog.

DaTechguy has posted on the subject.

The Rhetorican has seen the signal and is riding forth into the night:

But unless you overwhelm the forces of fraud with your amazing Tea Party power…you might as well just sit back and watch the election be stolen. The choice is yours!

UPDATE at 1947…

The Lonely Conservative is doing her best Paul Revere:

I know, we’re all busy. And a lot of wallets are stretched a little thin, but we need to stop the fundamental transformation of America in its tracks. This isn’t the time to sit things out.

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