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Offend A Feminist: Potpourri

04 May 2010 @ 21:53

It’s National Offend A Feminist Week as declared by Dr. Robert Stacy McCain.

And I figured I’d freshen up things around here a bit with s delightful medley of miscellany….

-If you’re a woman, it’s important you understand upfront where your proper place is:

‘When I say I want my martini extra dry, baby, I mean extra dry’.

-That being said, Richard, the Alan Alda of Three Beers Later, once again defends the feministas:

I personally am shocked! shocked! that such sexism still exists in this country! To offset such rampant swinehood, let me offer another guest poster in rebuttal…

He then offers testimony and wisdom from one Vanessa Brattigan-Brown-Lambert-Evans.

-Stacy McCain counters with the proudly feminine Ashley Graham and let’s us know the first question he will ask her when he finally gets to interview her.  Me?  The questions could wait; there are other ways of communicating, IYKWIMAITYD…

-Over at The Daley Gator, Gator Doug gets all serious, but you’ll thank God he did because of the truth he speaks to gyno power:

Fact is, Feminuts want to empower themselves, at the expense of women. Just as the leadership of the NAACP, and Je$$e Jackson, and Al Sharpton are race pimps, N.OW. and their ilk are gender pimps. Doing their best to keep women in line, and supporting them ONLY if they make pre-approved choices that the Feminuts are OK with.

-The same goes for Cassy Fiano who, in taking apart the utterly and totally specious and frightening thinking of one Marianne Murciano [whose picture may be found in the dictionary next to the world ‘shrew’] makes some damn fine points about the responsibility of men and women in their relationships.  A highlight:

Once upon a time, a man was the head of his home. He was the authority figure, he was in charge. Thanks to feminism, he’s now often lower on the totem pole than the family dog. And it has just got to stop. It’s bad for the marriage and it’s bad for the children. Wives need husbands who are smart and strong that they can respect as an equal. They don’t need a doormat. Kids need a father they can trust and look up to as an authority figure.

Contrary to feminist doctrine, women can’t do it all. Men need to start stepping up to the plate and fulfilling their rightful roles as husbands and fathers. This doesn’t mean become a dictator like Mistress Marianne over there. It means being fair but firm, bending to her wisdom when you know your wife is right and standing strong when you know that you are. Throwing a temper tantrum when you don’t get your way is not how you’ll accomplish taking back control.

Like I said, you’ve got to train your women. Go slowly. Conquer one thing at a time….

You’ve got to read the whole thing for what Cassy has to say but also to read the extensive excerpts from Mzzz. Murciano’s blog that she provides.  If you don’t come away from the end of it thinking she’s a Hell-sent harriden and that her husband Bob should be shot and put out of his pussy-whipped misery, than there’s something wrong with you.

‘Sweetheart, get in the passenger side.  I’ll drive.  I want us to get there in one piece.’

-The Classic Liberal [who, truth be told, is Classic Loony sometimes] has really gotten into the spirit of things and presented us with his thoughts and a great aggregation of things offensive to Feminazis.  Thanks for the link, my fellow Madman.

‘Whadda you mean she wants to keep her last name Ma?!?’

-Over at House Of Eratosthenes, Morgan has a prediction:

I like the look of this. It’s freedom. And I got a gut feel that the folks who are going to contribute the best ideas for this noble effort, around here, are going to be the females.

-Admiral William Teach, Commander of The Pirate’s Cove, has joined the fray and is firing a broadside [pun intended].  Give that man a lusty wench!…

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