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Cleaning Out The Cache

01 May 2010 @ 01:27

Here’s the latest and some stuff I haven’t had a chance to get to as we’ve been hurtling our way along the road to perdition…

-Before the fun begins, I’d like to thank everyone who sent along well-wishes during my most recent mystery illness.  I would especially like to thank: Chris ‘Double E Cup’ Wysocki, The Lonely Conservative, Nicholas of What The…?!, Ran The Man, the Mind Numbed Robot, and The Reaganite Republican.

-Speaking of MNR, he’s got a new website and a new web address:  So, update your Blogrolls, lock up your daughters [and wives]: the Robot’s been enhanced.

-MNR has posted a good round-up of some Arizona Immigration Law news and reports that the new law is already working.

-Nicholas did a fine job recently looking at the disillusioning of the delusional Annabel Park.  A highlight:

Annabel Park was a 42 year-old Korean-American who had tired of hearing about how the Tea Party movement represented real America. She imagined the legitimate alternative to the ‘hysteria’ of the Tea Partiers would be a group where people could come together and discuss things reasonably. Posting her thoughts on her My Space one January day resulted in a cascade of support from others wanting to challenge the Tea Party.

Last Saturday The Coffee Party launched its first set of meetings, but as described in Newsweek, Annabel was shocked to discover the tone was not all that she had imagined….

The real world’s a bitch, eh Mzzz. Park?

Chris has the 411 on a provision in the Obamacare bill that will explode the number of 1099s that have to be issued by businesses.  This is just damn insidious.

The Lonely Conservative reports on another insidious proposal that’s contained in Chris Dodd’s financial bill.

-I may be the King of Hump Day Rule 5, but The Reaganite Republican is King of Hump Day Humor [and he’s a prince of a guy, too].

-Ran, Lord of Si Vis Pacem, has up a posting with Michael Ledeen’s latest wisdom and throws in some wise thinking of his own.

-Lipton T. Bagg has a good and righteous rant up on where Comrade Obamnin and his apparatchiks are taking the Good Ol’ US of A.  The video embed is quite appropriate.

-Over at Grandpa John’s, Steve Burri [the good Burri, not Lance] is in a crappy mood…but, in this case, that’s a good thing.  He actually proves that we members of the VRWC should be agreeing with ACORN’s Bertha Lewis when she calls the TEA Party Movement a ‘bowel movement’.  In another posting, Steve reports on how our fecal bowelprint will destroy the planet, but, not to fear, Lance has formed the Bowel Party Movement.  [One does have to wonder, though, why Steve seems to be so obsessed with feces – perhaps it’s because Lance uses it to communicate?]

-I forgot to mention that Jimmie Bise turned forty-two on Wednesday and on Monday his blog, The Sundries Shack, celebrated its sixth anniversary.  As he puts it: ‘puts my humble little blog among the old-timers in the blogosphere’.  Yea, that’s not the only thing that makes him an old-timer.

Good stuff from DaTechguy on the whole ‘Birther’ issue.  Spot-on, in fact.

-Over at No Sheeples Here, Carol has a very good posting up on two outrages: one on-going and the other new.

-This is the best cartoon I’ve seen lately [swiped from Rocketman over at Piece Of Work In Progress]:

-I know there’s a bunch of my Friends In The Ether I’ve missed, but it’s getting late and I’m still recovering from the mystery illness.  Please accept a Rain Check.  I’ll do another one of these soon.

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    You are far too kind, sir.

    Could Vera Baker inadvertently save the nation…?

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