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Candidate Of The Restoration: Tim Burns

30 April 2010 @ 18:48

This is an occasional feature where I will be showcasing candidates who appear to be committed to restoration of our freedoms and liberties.  It is by no means intended to be comprehensive.  If you know of a candidate who fits the criteria, please e-mail me and I’ll look into it.

Tim Burns is running as a Republican in the 18 May Special Election to replace the late John Murtha [formerly D-PA12, now D-Perdition].  Sarah Palin has endorsed him [yea], but so has Newt [It’s Dog Track Time, Newty].

Stacy McCain has been covering the race and actually made a trip up to the District on his wedding anniversary [Mrs. Other McCain is a Goddamn Saint, I tell you!].

From his latest posting:

Democrats are pulling out all the stops in PA12 — watch the video of this local TV news report about Burns signs being vandalized. It’s make-or-break time, folks.

This posting also contains links to all of his other ones:

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  • 4/29: PA12: Palin Picks a Winner
  • 4/28: Bitter Clingers for Tim Burns?
  • 4/27: Just Got Off the Phone With a Staffer for Tim Burns’ PA12 Congressional Campaign
  • Stacy also filed a report over at The American Spectator this morning.  A highlight:

    Murtha’s ghost looms large over the 12th District, which sprawls in a bizarre gerrymander over a predominantly rural area stretching from the southwestern corner of the state up to Ebensburg in Cambria County, a three-hour drive away. The crab-like geographical outlines of the erstwhile dominion of Murthadom, however, are no more bizarre than the political landscape in a district where Democrats hold a 2-to-1 registration advantage — John Kerry carried the 12th in 2004 — but John McCain beat Barack Obama in 2008.

    This is the part of Pennsylvania whose small-town residents Obama infamously described at a San Francisco fundraising event two years ago: “It’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

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