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Thuggery, Pure And Simple [Updated below]

29 April 2010 @ 14:27

Yesterday, Barack Hussein Obama spoke at the Oakley-Lindsey/Quincy Community Center in Quincy, Illinois.  At the same time the Quincy TEA Party held a protest rally outside the Center.  Someone called in the SWAT Team to deal with these crazed right wingers:

Pictured: SWAT Team watches as unhinged teabaggers take a break from their
knitting rioting to go watch Murder She Wrote.

The Classic Liberal has up a very informative aggregation of links on the story here.  One of the links is to Dana Loesch who commented:

Who gave the order to call in the riot police on protesters? Word is that Secret Service from inside the venue and the presidential team pressured local law enforcement, who were against the idea. Local cops were overruled, I’m told by various sources, including a few members of local press. [Michelle] Moore reported that she overheard Secret Service telling the riot squad to “push them back, out of sight.“

Intimidation tactic. Plain and simple. There was no violence, no arguments, just a couple hundred patriots who sang patriotic songs and wore red, white, and blue. Unbelievable.

TheCL links to a posting by Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit, who was there and comments:

We did everything the local police asked. We moved where they directed us. We moved when they asked us to. We double-checked that we were in an acceptable place on the street. We did not disobey the police and stand and sing God Bless America as some kind of protest. We stood on the corner and sang because we were told it was OK to stand on the corner and sing….

I have no doubt they also cleaned-up after themselves too, like they always do.

Some people chuckle and some people think I’m being melodramatic when I refer to the Leftists in The White House as Bolsheviks, but the calling of the SWAT Team riot squad on peaceful protestors is exactly the kind of thing the Bolshes did in Russia.  And it is the kind of thing done in banana republics and/or police states.

QUESTION: If Comrade Obamnin is so easily willing to call out the SWAT Teams in this kind of situation, how restrained will he feel in using police powers against law-abiding Americans in other situations, especially where we practice civil disobedience?

UPDATE at 1857…

Over at WyBlog, Chris understands:

Welcome to America the police state. The Dear Leader, El Jefe Commandante Barack Hussein Obama Chavez has got his eye on us. And he has the riot squad on standby, ready at a moments notice to beat us into submission.

There is no longer any doubt that freedom is under assault by this president. He intends to confiscate our guns so as to more easily subjugate us. Rather than unite us he forments the specter of racism and division to pit citizen against citizen in an ideological battle for supremacy. He nationalized banks, insurance companies, and heavy industry while sowing the seeds of a financial system meltdown via escalating debt.

All so that when the inevitable crash occurs he can step in to assure the complacent masses that their government cheese will be plentiful again just as soon as he consolidates his power over us.

  1. Adobe Walls permalink
    29 April 2010 @ 16:23 16:23

    “[Michelle] Moore reported that she overheard Secret Service telling the riot squad to “push them back, out of sight.“” I believe that the “presidential team” either didn’t want Obama to see the protesters,(perhaps this leads to some sort of hysterical response)or they were afraid that somehow it might be possible to get a photo with people in and outside the hall in the same picture. The latter would undoubtedly also lead to some sort hysterical response.
    off topic: I’ve read a rumor that Nancy Pelosi intends to introduce legislation to lay pipe in and then back-fill the Grand Canyon if Arizona doesn’t repeal their immigration bill. Can anyone confirm this?

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      29 April 2010 @ 17:17 17:17

      ‘Nancy Pelosi’ and ‘laying pipe’ in the same sentence…BRAIN BLEACH!

  2. 29 April 2010 @ 18:55 18:55

    Even more ironic (and moronic) when you realize the left has been against the “militarization” of our police since Bush was in office.

  3. 30 April 2010 @ 00:23 00:23

    Barack and his goons are real storm troopers when it comes to going against seventy-year olds, but they will come up against a stone wall before long. I’m very sick of this usurper and liar!


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