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The Spot-On Quote Of The Day…

26 April 2010 @ 08:18

…is awarded to Stacy McCain for reminding us that The Stupid Party contains many members who are not only stoopied maroons, but possess another defining trait:

One of the mistakes Republicans made during the Bush era was to forget the fundamental importance of limited government. There are some people who think that a massive, all-powerful, deficit-plagued, corrupt federal government is OK, so long as “our people” are running it.

Those people are fools.


Lindsey Graham*, John Cornyn, Mitch McConnell
debate how they can repair Obamacare.

*FYI: The rumor is not true that Senator Lindsey Graham is related to voluptuous beauty Ashley Graham, although it is true that the 55 year old bachelor shops at Lane Bryant.

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