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Fight The Power

21 April 2010 @ 10:24

Stacy McCain continues to be the ingrown hair on the butt of the GOP Establishment.  Like the discomfort such a malady causes hirsute men across the world, Stacy is relentless in exposing the hypocrisy and muddle-headed thinking of those Republican leaders who are out of touch with their base.

Here’s a highlight from his most recent foray into the dickheadian morass that is the National Republican Party:

…As everyone who follows Republican politics knows, Cornyn and the NRSC have tried to fix several other primaries in favor of “safe” vanilla-bland GOP establishment candidates like Sue Lowden in Nevada and Jane Norton in Colorado. This makes Sharron Angle the Marco Rubio of Nevada and Ken Buck the Marco Rubio of Colorado, you see.

Nothing against Lowden or Norton, really, but the principle is the same. And now, Cornyn’s unprecedented meddling is blowing up in his face:

Once the champion of Charlie Crist’s Senate campaign, Sen. John Cornyn, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, can no longer get a phone call returned by the embattled Florida governor. . . .

That is a sign of how the relationship between Cornyn and Crist has changed. Cornyn initially picked Crist for the Republican ticket in part because the governor was such a sure bet that he didn’t need extra financial support. That allowed Cornyn and the NRSC to focus time and money on other races.

Heh. That worked out really smooth, didn’t it, Senator?

Nearly a year ago, Stacy founded the Not One Red Cent site to call the Right to arms against the cronies in the GOP.  The site flourishes to this day with numerous contributors joining Stacy in alerting us to the latest shenanigans being pulled by the NRSC, the NRCC, and the RNC.

The message is simple: instead of sending your monies to any of these organizations where they will inevitably be mismanaged [we are talking about The Stupid Party, after all] and used to promote candidates that don’t believe in your values, send the denarii directly to those ones worthy of your support.

Fight the GOP Power!

Take over the Republican Party.

Consign the GOP leaders to where they belong: the Dog Track.

Don’t waste your hard-earned and scarcer monies on organizations that have no clue….pledge…

Time is truly wastin’
There’s no guarantee
Smile’s in the makin’
You gotta fight the powers that be

If you and I can – we got the power
Fight it, got the power fight it……, baby
Fight it, fight the power

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